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Subject: [ScarletMambo] No Class this Wednesday - Happy V-day!!!
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In account of of Valentine's Day, NO CLASS this wednesday. See below.

[image: ScarletMambo.com] <http://www.scarletmambo.com/>

Newsletter Content:

1. Additional Class Location Saturdays. New!
2. No Class Wednesday Night
3. Contact Info

1. Additional Class Location Saturdays @ NV (envy)

Starting Saturday February 24th, 2007.   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Beginner and Intermediate Level - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

This lounge class is taking place at a Lounge which is re-opening under new
management and with a new concept.  This is the Ritz old location.  It's
only 8 minutes away from New Brunswick.

NV - Directions Click Here <http://scarletmambo.com/?page_id=39>

The address is:
2863 Woodbridge Ave
Edison, NJ 08837

The class will be followed by the coolest salsa party.  That's right, a
party geared towards salsa dancers!!!

This lounge will open on Saturday, February 17th, 2007.  More information at


I'll send out another email tomorrow or here is the
the meanwhile.



2. NO Class Wednesday Night @ D'Gala Restaurant

As I have told many of you over the phone, there is no class Wednesday,
February 14th.

For various reasons, there is no class at the usual D'Gala.  First, take the
time off to spend it with your Valentine.  Second, take the time off to stay
at home and not drive because the weather is going to be terrible, if you
have to drive, drive safely!  Classes resume next wednesday night.

Have a Happy and Safe Valentine's Day!!!


3. Contact Info.

 Any questions:

dany at scarletmambo.com
 <danyj at danyj.com>www.ScarletMambo.com <http://www.scarletmambo.com/>

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