[Pals_students] Re: Welcome to Session V, 2008!

Denise Svenson dsvenson at rci.rutgers.edu
Thu Jun 26 12:04:39 EDT 2008

Dear PALS Students,

Welcome to Session V, 2008! I hope that everyone's first day of classes
went well! I would like to remind everyone of a few things:

* If you would like to park your car on campus, you will need to purchase
a Parking Permit from the PALS Office. These permits are only $1.00, and
allow you to park in the Yellow Lot for the entire seven week session. If
you park in Lot 101, you will get a $50.00 fine! The PALS office can not
excuse you from parking fines.

* The dealine to meet with an Academic Advisor regarding Class Changes is
July 9, 2008. Students must first get a course change request form filled
out by their current teacher, and then schedule an appointment to meet
with either Miss Klein, Barbara or Dr. Kumar.

* If you have not yet submitted your Immunization Records, you will need
to do so as soon as possible. Students who do not submit immunization
records will not be able to recieve their grades or any certificates at
the end of the session!

Please feel free to stop by the PALS Office if you have any questions or
concerns. Will will be happy to lead you to the proper person to help you.


Denise Svenson
PALS Administrative Assistant
107 Tillet Hall
Livingston Campus
Rutgers University
732-445-1279 FAX

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