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[Mler_] RAH Food Drive - Reminder - Fruits this week, Dairy next week

Wanda Radowski wandarad at
Thu Oct 6 10:51:14 EDT 2011

 Kathy the coordinator of the food drive reports that the University is
responding tremendously to the Nutritional Sciences food drive. We are
coming up to week 4 and the specialty is Dairy Products, poster is attached
for ideas.

Our box is not so full this week so maybe a few of you, if you happen to be
coming in, can bring a can or two in on Friday so we have more to show for
our building that would be great! Soups are easy and warm for this time of
the year!  vegetables, fruit drinks.... Thanks for you help!    Wanda

 Kathy's note:

Hi Everyone,****

** **

The past two and a half weeks of our Food Day drive with the Department of
Nutritional Sciences department has been nothing short of amazing!****

** **

Facilities came to my office yesterday with a delivery of over 60 large bags
and boxes of food for our partners in need; thank you for everything you are
doing to contribute to Rutgers Against Hunger - let’s keep up the great

** **

I have attached an updated flyer promoting the dairy food group for which we
will begin collection on Monday, October 10.****

** **

Again, thank you for your continued support.****

** **

Have a great day!****

** **


RAH food Drive Coordinator
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