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[Mler_] Attention all graduating students! Permanent Rutgers Email - this one works!

wandarad at wandarad at
Fri May 14 12:28:18 EDT 2010

OK here we go again. These two links are supposed to work per our IT dept.
Please let me know asap if they don't.

This is for all the graduating seniors who would like to have a permanent
Rutgers email address. You have to sign up for it with your EDEN email
when it is active or it won't work. (Psst.You don't have to be a senior!)

And when you do get a new email don't forget to send it to Amy/I so we can
keep a working email to send you jobs and fun events.

Don't forget to join the alumni page too for their events.

And most of all when you're rich and famous, don't forget the students
coming up behind you that need your help in finding jobs! Remember us in
your job searches!!!


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