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Date:  December 10, 2009
Registration at 8:30 am

Contact: Laura Walkoviak Phone: 732-932-9503 Fax: 732-932-8677 E-mail:
lawalkoviak at work.rutgers.edu

The Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations is pleased
to invite you to the Fifth Labor-Management Partnership Conference,
sponsored by the Rutgers Labor-Management Partnership Committee and
co-sponsored by the New Jersey Education Association and by the New Jersey
Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

This year's theme - "Labor and Employment Relations: A Time for Change?" --
considers several issues important to labor relations and employment
relations nationally and in New Jersey.

Panel I examines the use of interest arbitration to deter-mine the content
of collective bargaining agreements & the use of card checks as a method of
union organiza-tion. Both approaches are contained in the proposed federal
Employee Free Choice Act & are used in the public sector in NJ. Cornell
University Prof. David Lip-sky discusses recent research on the use of
interest arbi-tration in the public sector nationally. Rutgers Univer-sity
Prof. Adrienne Eaton reports on card check recog-nition in the New Jersey
public sector. Then NJ lawyers extraordinaire Richard Loccke & Gerald Dorf
present their views - guaranteed to be provocative and conflict-ing.

Panel II examines labor market issues that have be-come increasingly
important in recent years. New Jersey Commissioner of Labor & Workforce
Development David Socolow discusses Who Are Employees? - which involves
issues such as the misclassification of employ-ees as independent
contractors by some employers in order to avoid payroll taxes & the
misclassification of nonsupervisory employees as exempt employees in or-der
to avoid overtime and minimum wage provisions. Rutgers University Prof.
Janice Fine examines Are Workers Receiving Adequate Protection in the Labor
Market? - which includes concerns not just for workers for but for
responsible employers and unions. The keynote speech by Wilma Liebman,
Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, is entitled "The NLRB:
Poised for Change." Ms. Liebman has served on the Board since 1997, after
being appointed by Presi-dent Clinton & reappointed by President Bush. The
NLRB has operated with only two members for almost two years, but with new
members nearing Senate confir-mation, changes in the legal rules governing
union orga-nizing & collective bargaining appear imminent.

50.00 advance registration
 $40.00 for co-sponsors
$60.00 at the door

The conference will be held in the Auditorium of the Labor Education Center,
50 Labor Center Way, in New Brunswick on December 10, 2009.

 Directions can be found at http://maps.rutgers.edu Search > Labor Education
Center Includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch Register Early-Limited

Wanda Radowski, Secretary Credit Office
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Labor Studies and Employment
Relations Department 50 Labor Center Way Room 163 New Brunswick NJ
08901-8553 Cook Campus wandarad at rci.rutgers.edu
732-932-4252 Voice
732-932-8677 Fax
Directions: http://maps.rutgers.edu/directions.aspx?id=179
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