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[Mler_] Announcement in your class about social change job opportunities for seniors?

Wanda Radowski wandarad at
Fri Mar 14 09:49:43 EDT 2008


**Fall 2008 Job Opportunities Making Social Change**


We're looking for smart, socially conscious students who work well in a team
and are eager to make a real impact on some of the most critical issues
facing our society.


The Fund for Public Interest Research (aka 'The Fund') helps some of the top
progressive organizations in the country to fight global warming, promote
wind & solar power, protect human rights, and challenge corporate political
power.  And we're hiring!


Specifically, we're hiring Canvass Directors to run our grassroots campaign
offices across the country next fall - working on behalf of groups like the
Sierra Club, the State Environment Groups (e.g. Environment New Jersey &
PennEnvironment), and the Human Rights Campaign.  


We are looking for smart, motivated students who want to get their hands
dirty and make a real impact on some of the most critical issues facing our


On Wednesday, March 26th, I will be holding information session on campus in
the evening (specific time and place TBA).  Then on Thursday, March 27th,
I'll be conducting individual interviews.  You can sign up for interviews
through the Career Services website ( ).


Visit our website at <> , or
contact me for more information- 973-420-7636, mracioppi at .  


I'm looking forward to speaking with you more about our positions!



Michele Racioppi

Canvass Director

The Fund for Public Interest Research

119 Somerset St, 3rd Fl

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

732-246-8128 (o)

973-420-7636 (c)

mracioppi at





From: Paula Voos [mailto:pbvoos at] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 8:52 AM
To: mracioppi at
Cc: Adrienne Eaton; Bob Angelo; Charles Heckscher; Daisy Rooks; David
Bensman; Dorothy Sue Cobble; Doug Kruse; Eileen Appelbaum; Janice Fine;
Jkeefe3 at; Lisa Schur; Niki Dickerson; Saul Rubinstein;
sschurman at
Subject: RE: Announcement in your class about social change job
opportunities for seniors?


I do not teach any upper-level courses this term.  I have one introductory
level courses (100) but it is in Freehold, NJ on Wed evening, so I doubt it
is worth your while to drive out there.  However, I will forward this to the
faculty in the Department (cc'd above) and if you want to send me a message
written for students, then we can send it out to our listserve of Labor
Studies majors.


Faculty:  If you are interested, please contact Michele directly.  You need
not copy me.

Best wishes,

Paula Voos


From: Michele Racioppi [mailto:mracioppi at] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3:47 PM
To: pbvoos at
Subject: Announcement in your class about social change job opportunities
for seniors?


Hi Prof. Voos,


My name is Michele Racioppi - I'm a 2005 Rutgers graduate and I work with
the Fund for Public Interest Research.  We're a national nonprofit that runs
grassroots campaigns for some of the country's top environmental groups,
like the Sierra Club and the State PIRGs.


In a couple of weeks, I'll be on campus interviewing graduating seniors to
staff our campaign offices across the country.  I'm hoping to make a 2-3
minute announcement in your classes about our job openings and the upcoming
interviews.  Are you teaching any upper-level courses where this would be


As background, you may know the Fund is a nationwide non-profit that runs
grassroots efforts to build support and win campaigns for progressive groups
like the Sierra Club, the Human Rights Campaign, and the State PIRGs.  We
know a lot of seniors are interested in working on environmental and social
justice issues, so it's just a matter of making sure they know how to apply.


Please let me know if I can drop in on any of your classes.  In addition, do
you oversee any class listservs or know of any seniors in particular who
would be interested in doing this type of work after graduation?


Thank you so much for any help you can provide!







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