[Meet_alum] MEET Ski Trip '09

Amir Fantroyal meet.internalvp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 03:20:57 EST 2009

Hello MEET Fam!!!

        As you are aware, we are planning to take a ski trip to Blue
Mountain in the Poconos. It is planned for Saturday, Februrary 21st and we
are going down on Friday, Februrary 20th and staying at the Wingate Hotel.
The cost is $90 which will include your ski rental and hotel fees. We
encourage the alumni to come along as well and we if needed we can provide
separate rooming arrangements. More information can be found at
http://www.skibluemt.com/SkiBlue/index.aspx and we need at least 15 people
to go to get the discounted rates.  If you are still interested please reply
to me via email (text, phone call, etc.) or contact Amir Fantroyal (
MEET.InternalVP at gmail.com) or Steven Agudelo (sagudelo at eden.rutgers.edu)
with any questions or concerns.

BME 2012
ambervocal at yahoo.com
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