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PS.  If you decide to contribute, and you donate online, please enter 'Doug Behrens' as the Kiss A Pig candidate.


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> All,
> Happy New Year!  As we move into 2008, I reflect and think about the many opportunities and blessings that I have had in my life.  I think of all of the great things that have happened for me over the years, and I know that I have to find ways to give back.  One of the ways that I am trying to contribute is through the Kiss A Pig Campaign.
> The objective of this campaign is to raise money for the American Diabetes Association (ADA).  The ADA is focused on the prevention, awareness, research and cure of diabetes, which is the 6th leading cause of death among Americans.  Diabetes effects more than 20 million people, or 1 in 3 people.  If this disease has not touched you personally, it probably will.
> In support of this effort, candidates are nominated and they compete against each other to raise the most money in six weeks.  The winner will kiss a pig at the Annual Gala  in an effort to honor the pig for being the first source of insulin.  The Northwest Arkansas Gala will be held on February 23rd, and it is expected to be a phenomenal event with wine tasting throughout the evening, dancing, dinner, auctions and entertainment by Cirque Dreams!.  There are campaigns being run all over the nation and  I am running the local campaign for the J&J candidate.  We want to raise the most money, because we believe in this cause.  We would appreciate anything that you are willing to do to help us win and to help this important cause. 
> If anyone does not appreciate solicitations such as this, please do not take offense.  This is not meant to put undo pressure on anyone, but instead, it is meant to offer an opportunity for those who want to give.  
> If you are interested, there are a number of ways to support this effort:
> *	Forward the information to people who may be willing to contribute
> *	Coordinate a fundraiser and donate the proceeds- church collections, tournaments, car washes, garage sales, etc.
> *	Donate Money - Every Amount Counts
> *	Donate Goods - Valued at $50 or greater - to be auctioned or raffled
> *	Consider items that you or you company may  be willing to purchase or things that you own that you would be willing to give away
> *	Jewelry
> *	Artwork
> *	Vacation home for (a) week(s) or weekend(s)
> *	Entertainment Tickets (if you have season's tickets, for example)
> *	Media Print
> *	Airline Tickets
> *	Gift Baskets, etc.
> *	Purchase Tickets - $150/ticket or $1500/table (10 seats)
> *	Sponsor a Candidate (Sponsorship includes tickets - donate tix if unable to attend in person)
> All contributions go directly to the ADA and are tax deductible - money, goods and services.
> In order to donate or purchase tickets, credit cards can be used on the ADA website.  https://web.diabetes.org/regformgen/eventform.asp?Event_No=280
> The forms for donations, auction donations, and candidate sponsorship are attached.  If you have any questions, let me know.
> Thanks for your consideration!  :)
>  << File: KissAPig Auction Donor Form.doc >>  << File: KissAPig CANDIDATE SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT.doc >>  << File: KissAPig Monetary Donations or Ticket Reservation Form.doc >> 
> Katrina Hines 
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