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Edwards, Angelena Angelena.Edwards at pseg.com
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Same deal as before- I also preface this by saying make sure your work
ethic is tight- my name will be stamped to you.


The power generation industry is booming right now. I have confidence in
the MEET engineer.


As a matter of fact look at all the open positions at www.pseg.com
<http://www.pseg.com/> .










Generation Engineer: Class of 2008


Corporate Headquarters - Newark NJ (0014)

Job Function

University Recruiting

No. of Positions


Job Description

WE ARE LOOKING FOR 2008 COLLEGE HIRE GRADUATES. The successful candidate
will be hired into an entry level engineering position as a Generation
Engineer. The new Generation Engineer will be involved in a rotational
training and development program within the PSEG Fossil, LLC
Organization. During this period, the Generation Engineer will be
assigned to various power plant locations, with subsequent other
rotational assignments, along with a variety of leadership development
sessions and technical training. This broad experience will aid in
developing the Generation Engineer's skills and knowledge of PSEG
Fossil, LLC and PSEG Power, LLC.

The station assignments will allow the Generation Engineer to understand
the operation and maintenance activities associated with a power
generating station thru participation in selected operating and
maintenance type activities. During this period, shift-work is required
and overtime compensation is offered. Other assignments will enable the
engineer to understand the various roles and responsibilities of the
support organizations and the services they provide to the generating
stations. Throughout this development period, there will be
opportunities to participate in specific leadership development
programs, as well as other special training. 

We are looking for 2008 college graduates with:
BS Degrees primarily in: Electrical Engineering (EE), Mechanical
Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), and Chemical/Environmental
Engineering with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. We are looking for individuals
who are interested in a career at a major Energy Company in Power
Generation, which includes Engineering, Operations, and Maintenance
applications. A valid Driver License is also required.


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