RBS MBA Halloween Party

Chris Duffus cduffus at PEGASUS.RUTGERS.EDU
Wed Oct 20 22:14:46 EDT 2004

Hey RBS MBAers:

It’s time once again for the annual RBS MBA Halloween Party.

It will be held next week, Thursday, October 28 and there will be plenty
of music, food, candy, and booze (as well as an equal number of fluid
ounces of soft drinks to ensure we comply with all Rutgers school codes.)

This year’s theme is “Dead Celebrity Ball” and we invite all of you to
come dressed as your favorite deceased celebrity.  The deader, the better.
 The more gruesome the demise, the more likely to win a prize.

Details for the event (which will be held in the Esterly Lounge) are
included in the attached invitation.  I can tell you DJ Steve will be
spinning the tunes (on his portable stereo, off of Dan Arias’s IPod).

If you plan to attend, please reply to this e-mail and put your name and
"Attending" in the subject line.  This will ensure that we have enough
free food and drinks for everybody (that’s right I said FREE food and

Remember to check out the attached invitation file.

Hope to see you all there.

Chris Duffus
Social Chairman (and soon to be 1970’s Era Dead-Elvis)
MBA Candidate ‘06

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