solution to ridiculous billing situation

David Kaiserman jpmorgan at EDEN.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Jan 28 09:41:45 EST 2002

I'm in a similar predicament with the billing department.

1.  I received a handwritten bill AFTER I received the late fee

2.  They claim they can guarantee they sent the bill to me before
the deadline because they
have the correct address, but they do NOT have a certified bill or return
receipt to substantiate mailing.

2a.  They never sent a "reminder" bill or another form of communication
finding out if I received the "original" bill.

3.  I appealed it once, and now must appeal again - this time I
will be sending in proper documentation supporting my claim.

4.  I will be spending more time fighting a late fee I should have never
been assessed, rather than on my personal life or on my upcoming studies.

5.  I have sent appropriate fees to their office PRIOR to the start of the

I hope this situation gets rectified.

I'd like to give this address to everyone.  It's an address to which *I*
was directed to file appeals to, and I assume it's valid for other late
fee appeals too:

Rosann Carey
Rutgers University
Student Accounting, Billing, Cashiering and Collections
Graduate School of Management
249 University Ave
Newark, NJ 07102-1813

Good luck everyone.

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Mark Cheng wrote:

> If anybody else got burned by the billing department and recieved their
> tuition bill 2 days before payment is due (jan 25th today!), you can
> pay for it online at this website:
> You'll have to set up an account first which takes 5 minutes, but at
> least you'll avoid the $125 late fee.
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