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Mon Mar 10 15:45:51 EDT 2008


We need to get crackin on it too. So to that effect lets finish our line
following robots and make designs for our RoboGames robots.

On Thursday, lets meet in the same power electronics lab in the EE
building.   At 8:00 pm, Bring your laptops, power cord, and  Solidworks.   I
want brainstorms and start a CAD model for at least a RoboMegellan Robot.

You can also work on and get help with your line following robot.

Google X-Prize here we come,


On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 2:07 PM, David A. Maldonado <
davmaldo at eden.rutgers.edu> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Hope everyone is doin well with school and their line following robots!!
> Personally, i think after the line following robots, we should move on to
> the GOOGLE Lunar X-Prize!! it's obviously a small step up from a line
> follower, and I'm sure you all agree that we could use an extra $30
> million for whatever. I bet we could design/build/test/launch our
> creations during the break. So what say you? lets get on the lunar
> bandwagon and shoot for the moon!
> Sincerely,
> David A. Maldonado
> MAE Undergraduate
> Email Address:    davmaldo at eden.rutgers.edu
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