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[Hrdiv_net] Journal of Management - September Issue

Layla Mansfield laylajom at
Tue Aug 17 19:41:33 EDT 2010

The Journal of Management's September Issue is now in print. I am 
including the table of contents to this email for your convenience.

Our "in press" papers can be found at and 
submissions are welcome at

The below Table of Contents is available online at:

*Articles *

Generational Differences in Work Values: Leisure and Extrinsic Values 
Increasing, Social and Intrinsic Values Decreasing

Jean M. Twenge, Stacy M. Campbell, Brian J. Hoffman, and Charles E. Lance

Journal of Management 2010;36 1117-1142 

Exploring the Origins of Organizational Paths: Empirical Evidence From 
Newly Founded Firms

Marc Gruber

Journal of Management 2010;36 1143-1167 

Why Turnover Matters in Self-Managing Work Teams: Learning, Social 
Integration, and Task Flexibility

Gerben S. van der Vegt, Stuart Bunderson, and Ben Kuipers

Journal of Management 2010;36 1168-1191 

Alliance Management Capability: An Investigation of the Construct and 
Its Measurement

Oliver Schilke and Anthony Goerzen

Journal of Management 2010;36 1192-1219 

Organizational Tenure and Job Performance

Thomas W. H. Ng and Daniel C. Feldman

Journal of Management 2010;36 1220-1250 

CEO Commitment to the Status Quo: Replication and Extension Using 
Content Analysis

Patrick L. McClelland, Xin Liang, and Vincent L. Barker, III

Journal of Management 2010;36 1251-1277 

Measuring State, Effect, and Response Uncertainty: Theoretical Construct 
Development and Empirical Validation

Nicholas J. Ashill and David Jobber

Journal of Management 2010;36 1278-1308 

The Impact of Change Process and Context on Change Reactions and 
Turnover During a Merger

Alannah E. Rafferty and Simon Lloyd D. Restubog

Journal of Management 2010;36 1309-1338 

We hope you agree that these manuscripts are a meaningful contribution 
to our field.

Best wishes,


Layla Mansfield
Editorial Office
Journal of Management

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