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Mon May 11 12:49:54 EDT 2009

Call for Submissions for the Inaugural Conference of the Indian Academy
of Management (IAOM), to be held at XLRI - Jamshedpur, India, December
28-30, 2009

Indian Management: Past, Present and the Future

The thoughts of Indian management could arouse a collection of scripts
among Indian and international practitioners and researchers that could
range from Rama Rajya, Yudhisthara’s rule and Krishna’s wisdom; Canakya,
Chandragupta, and Ashoka; Babar, Akbar, and Aurangjeb, Gandhi, Nehru,
and Patel; to Tata, Birla, and Ambani. A country that can boast of
excellence in practically every domain of human endeavor is likely to
have contributed to management thoughts in a significant way. The
inaugural conference of the Indian Academy of Management (IAOM) is
committed to the study and propagation of ideas that capture Indian
management from diverse perspectives (certainly not restricted to
indigenous research initiatives/thought pursued by Indian scholars based
in India but warmly welcome it from overseas as well). We are happy to
announce that Professor Angelo DeNisi (President Academy of Management,
USA) has agreed to be a keynote speaker at the Inaugural Conference of
the IAOM to be held during December 28-30, 2009 at XLRI Jamshedpur. We
invite your involvement and greatly appreciate your support to this
exciting and promising initiative.

We invite papers and symposia that will help showcase the discovery of
aspects of Indian management that have already been researched and are
well established as well as those that need to be addressed and
developed. We hope the conference will further create an opportunity for
a dialogue among Indian and international scholars that will help the
global village address human needs of people from the top to the bottom
of the human economic pyramid. India related management practices are
likely to contribute to this venture in a significant way, and we would
like this conference to set the stage for a meaningful long-term
dialogue among scholars.


India was an economic superpower until 1760, and accordingly led the
world with management ideas and practices. But much of that was lost
with its colonization and the struggle to shed the colonial ideas in the
last 250 years. India is now again emerging as an economic power, and
business schools are focusing on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and
China) nations instead of the Triadian market of US, Europe, and Japan.
Thus, it is important to further focus our research energy on Indian
management and reveal about what is unique about Indian management -
good or bad, effective or inefficient, beautiful or ugly.

We hope that this conference will be useful for researchers and
practitioners who are interested in India in general and management
practices related to India both within and outside India in particular.


Advisory Board: Dr. Pawan Budhwar (Aston University, Birmingham, UK),
Dr. Arup Varma (Loyola University, Chicago, USA), and Dr. Dharm Prakash
S. Bhawuk (University of Hawaii, USA).

Conference Chair: Dr. E. S. Srinivas, XLRI Jamshedpur, India
(srinivas at xlri.ac.in).

The Indian AOM Advisory Board is ably supported by the Programme

Programme Committee:
Dr. Hayagreeva Rao, Stanford University 
Dr. Prasad Kaipa, ISB Hyderabad
Dr. Rajen Gupta, MDI Gurgaon
Dr. S. Manikutty, IIM Ahmedabad
Dr. C S Venkat Ratnam, International Management Institute
Dr. Biswatosh Saha, IIM Calcutta
Dr. Santrup Mishra (Aditya Birla Group – TBC)

Papers can be submitted on any topic relevant to management that has
implications for India, Indian diaspora, or role of India/ Indian
companies in the global business. Papers could emphasize the present
scenarios and developments as well as the emerging trends. 

Dr. Phanish Puranam, London Business School (ppuranam at london.edu)
Dr. Ganesh Prabhu, IIM Bangalore (gprabhu at iimb.ernet.in)

Dr. Mathew Manimala, IIDr. Madhukar Shukla, XLRI Jamshedpur (madhukar at xlri.ac.in)

Dr. Shailendra Singh, IIM Lucknow (shail at iiml.ac.in)
Dr. Jyotsna Bhatnagar, MDI Gurgaon (jyotsnab at mdi.ac.in)
Dr. Sumit Kundu, Florida International University (kundus at fiu.edu)
Dr. Raveendra Chittoor, IIM Calcutta (raveendra at iimcal.ac.in)

Dr. Venkat Krishnan, Great Lakes Institute (venkatrkrishnan at ymail.com)
Dr. Debu Mukherjee, MSR Programme Chair, AOM (debum at optusnet.com.au)

Dr. TAS Vijayaraghavan, XLRI Jamshedpur (tasviji at xlri.ac.in)
Dr. Prasanta Dey, Aston Business School (p.k.dey at aston.ac.uk)

Dr. Abhoy Ojha, IIM Bangalore (aojha at iimb.ernet.in)
Dr. Ashok Som, ESSEC Business School, Paris (som at essec.fr)

Dr. Neharika Vohra, IIM Ahmedabad (neharika at iimahd.ernet.in)
Dr. Prasant Bordia, University of South Australia
(Prashant.Bordia at unisa.edu.au)

Dr. S. Ramnarayan, ISB (S_Ramnarayan at isb.edu)

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (Environment, Social Issues, etc):
Dr. P.D. Jose, IIM Bangalore (jose at iimb.ernet.in)
Dr. T. L. Raghu Ram, XLRI Jamshedpur (raghutata at xlri.ac.in)

OTHER AREAS (Emerging Sectors, Health Care, Ethics, Diversity,
Consultancy, etc):
Dr. Abhijit Gangopadhyay, XLRI (abhijitg at xlri.ac.in)
Dr. Naresh Khatri, University of Missouri, Columbia
(khatrin at health.missouri.edu)
Dr. Sunil Maheswari, IIM Ahmedabad (sunil.iima at gmail.com)


Submissions are invited for the following:
1.	Competitive papers: Up to 5000 words as per Academy of
Management Journal submission style.
2.	Working and developmental papers: Abstracts of 600 - 750 words.
3.	Symposia/workshops/panel discussions: Outlines within 5 pages.
Though submissions relating to the major themes of the conference are
encouraged, papers can deal with other issues relating to the broad
topic of Indian management systems and strategies of Indian firms both
within and outside India. The papers may be grounded in any major
management disciplines including the divisions / tracks listed here.
Conceptual, theory-building, or empirical papers from the above
disciplines are welcome. 

All submissions must be original and should not have been previously
accepted for publication in a journal, presented in another conference
or be under review at another conference. Authors should also guard
against plagiarizing the work of others. 

Selected papers presented at the conference will be published in the
proceedings of the conference. The proceedings will also include
abstracts of all the papers presented at the conference. 

All papers will be blind reviewed. At least one author of each paper
must register for the conference and present the paper. 

Contributors are encouraged to limit their papers to less than or equal
to 20 pages (A-4 paper, font 12, double spacing with margins of 1 inch)
including the cover page, abstract, text, references, table and figures.
The format should follow the Academy of Management style.

Symposia/workshops/panel discussions will focus on a key theme with 3
presenters and a discussant. Symposia will be given 90 minutes in the
conference. Please include a description and need for the symposium and
abstracts of all the three presenters.

All submissions are due by 15 July, 2009 and acceptance letter will be
sent by 15 September, 2009.

Please submit your papers electronically directly to the relevant track
chair and copy it to the conference secretariat (at iaom at xlri.ac.in)
clearly indicating about the stream and nature of your submission. Track
chairs will be responding to you directly about the decision on your

Final papers are due by October 31, 2009 to be considered for the
special issues and other publications from the conference.

We are confident that many publications will come out of the conferenpapers and symposia. So far Asian Business & Management has agreed to do
a special issue from the conference submissions. There is a strong
possibility to get similar support from Asia Pacific Journal of
Management (TBC). There is also the possibility of one or two edited
books on focused themes and topics, which will emerge from the
submissions. We are not fixing the themes a priori beyond the broad
title and theme of the conference.

During the conference, we will be organizing sessions for both early
career academics and doctoral researchers related to publishing in top
journals and research issues (details to follow).

We also expect to have best paper and best doctoral thesis awards
(details to follow).

Distinguished Indian and International scholars are being approached to
give keynote addresses. Dr. Angelo S. DeNisi, President, Academy of
Management has already accepted our invitation to give a key-note


US$ 100 (for Doctoral Students)
IRs 2000 ((for Doctoral Students from India) 

The organisers are working on how to further reduce the registration
fees and will keep you update on any development in this regard. They
certainly expect to offer some financial support to needy participants
in the form of part or full waiver of registration fees. You will be
required to write to iaom at xlri.ac.in if you need such help and depending
on availability of funds support will be provided.

Accommodation will be available both at MDP Residence at the XLRI Campus
and nearby quality hotels (details to follow). 

Jamshedpur is well connected by trains, road and air from major Indian
cities (details to follow).

For further information please write to iaom at xlri.ac.in or
srinivas at xlri.ac.in

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