[Hrdiv_net] Are we promoting an organization that apparently steeling/copying the Academy identity/abbreviation

Mark Huselid huselid at smlr.rutgers.edu
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Clint, Baruch, and HRDiv_Net Colleagues,  

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on this issue.  I too was quite
to learn of the existence of the AoM, whose mission statement reads as
(from their web site - http://www.aom-iaom.org):
	"AoM/IAoM is a professional organization of scholars and
practitioners responsible 
	for providing annual conferences, worldwide meetings, curricula and
executive programs, 
	speakers, and an active portfolio of professional publications in
Management, Education, 
	Leadership, and Technology."  

I've since learned that the AOM leadership (Academy of Management, that is)
is quite aware 
of the existence of the "other" AoM, that it has been in existence for quite
some time, and 
that they are apparently breaking no laws as long as they do not represent
themselves as 
being the Academy of Management.  That said, I am concerned about what
appears to me to 
be blatant misrepresentation; those of us in the field of management might
be able to 
make the distinction between these bodies (although I have to say that
before this week 
I couldn't), but I don't think it will be likely that university wide tenure
for example, will be able to reliably differentiate AOM from AoM.  I think
this type of 
confusion is a ba

In the short run I'm grateful to Baruch & Clint for bringing this to our
attention.  In 
the longer run  

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I remember this issue coming up a few years ago. As I recall, the person
from the 
Association of Management claimed that they had exclusive use of the AoM
label and 
insisted that we desist in using it. There were a number of heated postings
and then the 
issue eventually dried up.

Clint Chadwick

On 7 Apr 2008 at 17:32, Baruch Yehuda Prof (NBS) wrote:

> Dear List server manager, 
> I just had a message on the HR Div net, about a conference of an
> organization that chose 
> 'strangely' the abbreviations of the Academy of Management. I think
> it is not right to help them 
> promiting their activities, certainly not via our nets - perhaps the
> Academy should decide on it as 
> a general practice to all the networks. I mentioned it to the OB
> list-server, and was assured that 
> such distribution was a mistake and should not repeat. 
> I hope it is the same with HR net - and probably all the Academy
> list-servers. 
> Yours, 
> Yehuda
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> Norwich Business School, UEA, UK
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