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That's a challenge Caren. You would probably have to customize a
textbook. Every HR book has an element of OB in it. However, as you
know, HR is a distinct and a specialized body of knowledge. Many
students want to take the PHR exam in their senior year or right after
graduating with an HR major. In those types of programs, it seems to me,
a complete and a full review of HR topics is needed with a book devoted
only to HR. OB, of course, is usually covered in a separate course.
There are multiple ways to accomplish the same thing. In the course that
you are suggesting, are you combining the OB and HR courses into one
course (thus saving student time for another course)? If so, perhaps you
can have OB/HR, Part-1 in the Fall semester and OB/HR, Part-2 in the
Spring semester. 
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Hi All,
Can someone recommend a good text for a combined OB/HR course?  I have a
strong preference to find a single text suited to both OB and HR.
Thanks in advance,
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