A second invitation: Study of HR practices in business schools

Day, Nancy DayN at UMKC.EDU
Wed Jan 25 09:56:27 EST 2006



This is a second invitation to participate in a study conducted by Drs.
Joy Peluchette (University of Southern Indiana) and Nancy Day
(University of Missouri - Kansas City). If you have already
participated, thank you very much, and please disregard this email. 


We are conducting a study of how business schools manage their HR
practices. If you are a faculty member or a department chair in a school
of business in the U.S., we would appreciate your participation. 


Your participation is voluntary, and all responses will be held
confidentially; no one but the researchers will see them. If you start
the survey and choose not to complete it, you may exit it at any time by
simply closing your browser window.  


We would be pleased to provide you with a copy of the results. There
will be an email address in the survey for you to make this request, or
you may contact one of the researchers listed below.


The faculty member survey can be found at the following website. It
should take about ten minutes to complete.




The department chair survey can be found at this website: It should take
between ten and fifteen minutes to complete. If you complete this
survey, please do not complete the faculty survey.




Please complete only one of these surveys. Thank you for considering
participation in this survey. If you have any questions, please feel
free to contact one of us:


Dr. Joy Peluchette: jpeluche at usi.edu <mailto:jpeluche at usi.edu>      

Dr. Nancy Day: dayn at umkc.edu           


Nancy E. Day, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
HW Bloch School of Business & Public Administration
5110 Cherry
Kansas City, Missouri 64110
816-235-6506 (fax)
dayn at umkc.edu
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