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David Kravitz dkravitz at GMU.EDU
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Greetings colleagues,

This is a non-academic posting. I apologize if anyone is annoyed with my
use of these listserves (and additional apologies for the cross-posting)
for this purpose, but it's important.

A friend's wife has a serious lung disease – serious to the point where
a transplant is looking likely. Obviously, they'd like to find a
solution short of a transplant. We're trying to tap into a broader
network with the hope that someone out there can help with the following

For the medically minded, here's a summary of the diagnosis based on a
CT scan: “This is a difficult case that shows two patterns of lung
injury: chronic and acute. The chronic lesion represents a fibrosing
interstitial pneumonia with organizing pneumonia which is difficult to
classify but is probably best classified as NSIP, fibrosing pattern with
organizing pneumonia with all concerns mentioned above. The acute lesion
is a patchy acute pneumonia that appears to be superimposed on the
chronic fibrosing lesion.” On the basis of a biopsy, the conclusion was
“Diffuse lung disease with a mixed histological appearance consistent
with NSIP-Fibrotic, a component of DIP to accumulation of macrophages
and inflammatory component due to accumulation of neutrophils in the
alveolar spaces.” A more general conclusion is that the doctors are
somewhat mystified and unsure what to do.

Now the questions. If anyone has anything to offer regarding the
following, please e-mail me directly (not the listserve – check the “to”
line) and I'll forward your message to my friend.

1) Does anyone know of a good research scientist who does work related
to lung disease? Someone I could talk to and get an opinion from.
Preferably it would be good to talk to people with different backgrounds
  and training, as the straight up pulmonologists are fairly befuddled
by her symptoms.

2) I need to learn about lung transplants, in particular how to choose
where to have a lung transplant, but also about the process, survival
rates, predictors of successful transplants, things she can do to get
her body in shape, etc. A reasonable person might think "Doesn't your
doctor go over that?" and my reply is "Not nearly enough."

3) I am also interested in non-mainstream and/or non-Western approaches.
I wouldn't even know where to begin here, so anything people can point
me to will be helpful, whether it be books, centers, people, or websites.

4) Anyone have any good anger reducing techniques? I just need to find
one that I will want to do.

Many thanks for any help anyone can offer.

David Kravitz

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