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[Evolution_RU] Journal Club in Evolution on Cook Campus: October 14: Predator prey coevolution

Siobain Duffy duffy at
Tue Oct 11 02:03:09 EDT 2011

Journal Club in Evolution (aka Advanced Evolution 16:215:550) continues Friday October 14th in room 262 in Foran Hall at 10:55-12:15. All are welcome to attend any of our weekly Friday meetings, at the same time and in the same room for this semester.

This journal club is open to all students and faculty interested in organismal evolution at any level (individual to phyla, genes to morphology) and is arranged by Lena Struwe and Siobain Duffy. To get all journal club announcements and other evolution-related information campus-wide, sign up for the Mailing list in Evolution at Rutgers:

On Friday Oct 14th, Nick Pollack will continue our focus on coevolution by discussing coevolution of predators with toxic prey.

The main paper to read:
Geffeney et al 2002 . Mechanisms of adaptation in a predator-prey arms race: TTX-resistant sodium channels. Science 297:1336-1339. 

An introduction to the topic in a more recent blog post:

See many of you on Friday!

For those of you who wish to plan ahead, the upcoming topics for the Journal Club in Evolution on Cook Campus are:  
10/21  Evolution of Cooking (Lena Struwe)      *** NOTE CHANGE***
10/28 Coevolution: Hot peppers and herbivores (Lauren Spitz)      *** NOTE CHANGE***
11/4 Mimicry (Elena Tartaglia)
11/11 Behavioral evolution: Birds (Peter Schweinsberg) 
11/18 Astrobiology  (Lauren Spitz)
12/2 Introductory geology for evolutionary biologists (Stacy Brody)
12/9 Cancelled -- attend the Genomics Symposium instead!
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