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[Evolution_RU] Reminder: Journal Club in Evolution on Cook Campus: March 23: Tradeoffs

Siobain Duffy duffy at
Mon Mar 21 01:10:18 EDT 2011

The Journal Club in Evolution (aka Advanced Evolution 16:215:550) continues Wednesday March 23rd in room 306a in Foran Hall on Cook Campus at 12:35-1:55pm.  All are welcome to attend any of our weekly Wednesday meetings, at the same time and in the same room for this semester.

The Journal Club is open to all students and faculty interested in organismal evolution at any level (individual to phyla, genes to morphology) and is arranged by Karl Kjer and Siobain Duffy. To get all journal club announcements and other evolution-related information campus-wide, sign up for the Mailing list in Evolution at Rutgers:

As part of a three-week focus on Evolutionary Tradeoffs, on Wednesday March 23rd Dan Cardinale will lead a discussion on tradeoffs in herbivory defenses.  

Todesco et al. 2010 Natural allelic variation underlying a major fitness trade-off in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature 465:632-636.

Questions for thought:
First and foremost, is this convincing evidence of an evolutionary trade-off?

Many trade-offs are thought of in the context of host-parasite relationships, where the parasite must "choose" between effective infection and transmissibility. Situations like the one described in the paper are comparatively less well studied. Would it be worthwhile to investigate life history strategies in the context of trade-offs more frequently, or should trade-offs be studied primarily from the parasite "point of view"? In other words, is it worthwhile to examine trade-offs in the context of the host, as is done in this case, rather than the parasite, as is typical?

See some of you this Wednesday!

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