Action alert - Threat to GPO

Susan Lyons slyons at KINOY.RUTGERS.EDU
Sat Jun 8 13:38:30 EDT 2002

Below is a message from the Washington Office of the American Association of Law Libraries.  I urge everyone to contact their representatives about the plan by OMB to decentralize printing of government materials.  This plan would seriously undermine the Federal Depository Library Program.

Susan Lyons
Rutgers Law Library
DANJ President - 2002

I have just posted an important action alert regarding the OMB
memorandum issued in early May that would decentralize the procurement
of publications by executive branch agencies. This move threatens the
future of the Federal Depository Library Program and  public access to
federal government information.

It's a very complex issue that is of concern to the Joint Committee on
Printing, as well as to the House and Senate appropriators.  We have had
successful meetings here in D.C. with staff of the members of these
three committees, but it's time that we asked for your help to really
energize members of Congress to the urgency of this issue.

It's important that you respond to this alert, whether or not your
representatives are on the three key committees that are listed.  The
JCP has tentatively scheduled a hearing on this matter for June 18th and
there will be a witness to speak on behalf of libraries.

Please follow the talking points included in the alert, posted at: 

I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, please feel
free to redistribute this message broadly.

Thank you very much, Mary Alice

Mary Alice Baish
Associate Washington Affairs Representative
American Association of Law Libraries
E.B. Williams Law Library
111 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-1417
Voice: 202-662-9200
Fax:  202-662-9202
baish at 

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