Dec. 4, 1998 DANJ Federal Documents Interest Group Meeting Minutes

Barbara Campbell Barbara.Campbell at STOCKTON.EDU
Thu Dec 10 12:00:26 EST 1998

            DANJ Federal Documents Interest Group Meeting
            Friday, December 4, 1998
            Hughes Room, Alexander Library, Rutgers University

            Geetali Basu, County College of Morris
            Barbara Ruth Campbell, Richard Stockton College
            Joanne D'Esposito, Monmouth University
            Helen F Leskovac, Rutgers Law-Newark
            Kathy LeVan, College of St. Elizabeth
            Laura Saurs, Newark Public
            Jan Wanggaard, Drew

            The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m..  Ellen
            Bonacarti was needed at
            Woodbridge Public so Joanne DEsposito presided.  Mary
            Fetzer, who graciously
            provided refreshments, was also unable to attend as she was
            needed at another

            Although Jan Wanggaard had dutifully posted the minutes of
            the October 2 meeting
            on DOX-NJ, no one had brought a copy so approval has been
            postponed until
            the February meeting.

            Old Business:

            According to the members of the Delaware Valley Documents
            Group who routinely
            mount web sites, there are no legal stipulations that you
            must contact a web master
            in order to link to someone elses site.  However, you cannot
            download a site,
            make minor changes, and then mount it as your own.  At the
            last meeting we were
            going to post a query to GovDoc-L but have not had time to
            do so.  We also have
            not had a chance to post to WebMaster-L.  We may wish to get
            something in writing,
            however, it is probably not necessary at this point.


            Jan Wanggaard attended a meeting where the speaker was very
            explicit about how to prepare
            your Self Study.  As a reminder make sure that you download
            the Self-Study and insert your replies in clear,
            unambiguous, active voice using concise language.  DO NOT
            use acronyms.  Provide only relevant detail. Do not
            flounder.  Be consistent.  If necessary, use bulleted lists.
            Find a 10-12 point font and use throughout.  DO NOT use
            italics.  Indent and/or use bold face.

            New Business:

            Take note that it is necessary to keep a log of shipping
            lists for they do not all arrive
            in chronological order.  We should be keeping track of the
            shipping list number in
            a log book as well as in a spreadsheet or word-processing
            file.  Within 60 days we
            are required to make claims for missing items so you must
            keep the shipping lists
            in order to identify items that are missing from your
            individual shipments.

            Barbara Campbell announced that she had followed a link in a
            GovDoc-L Dec. 1
            post that lead her to the FDLP/State University of New York
            at Buffalo Enhanced Shipping List Service.  Barbara
            downloaded the files using the instructions, followed the
            to the FDLP item profiles, downloaded her profile,
            downloaded a shipping list,
            and printed out a sample sheet of item labels.  The service
            is free, easy to use,
            and has the added feature of providing shipping lists in a
            format that can easily
            be imported into a spreadsheet program.

            For those interested, check out:

            Kathy LeVan decided to follow up on a post about impending
            inspections and called
            Sheila McGar at GPO.  She learned that there are  not enough
            bodies  to conduct
            the Self-Studies and that they cannot estimate when each
            library will be sent its

            Each library MUST do the Self-Study but it is not necessary
            to invite an inspector to
            your library, unless, you wish to do so.

            The Library Director has to sign off on the Study before you
            submit it.  The questions are designed to alert you to what
            you should be doing.  Those libraries that have been placed
            on probation will be inspected.

            The committee resumed their line by line discussion of the
            Self-Study at the section marked
            Bibliographic Control.

            Each library should have an electronic shelf list.  Its not
            a requirement but it is highly
            recommended that one be under consideration.  Laura asked us
            each to calculate the
            time that is spent on paper versus how much time it would
            take to key data into a
            simple word processing program.

            Keep in mind that the FDLP requires you to keep a shelf list
            to the piece level noting each
            serial, annual and biennials receipt.

            Under retention, ask yourself why you keep superseded
            documents and why you do not
            weed every five years.  If staffing is an issue, state so.

            The shelf list should give a picture of whats on your
            shelves.  For example, you should
            be able to give a profile of a particular range for a
            particular agency.

            Make sure you shelf-list what you are getting NOW and that
            you have a profile of
            community needs NOW.

            Make sure you have some sort of written procedures manual.

            Keep the correction sheets that you receive as part of
            Administrative Notes in a separate
            notebook and address how you treat corrections.  See the
            askLPS Home Page and the
            WEBTech Notes page at

            The committee then moved on to Section III, Maintenance

            Check to make sure your depository has a binding policy.  If
            so, is it any different than your
            host librarys policy?  It is irrelevant whether or not the
            depository down the road treats its
            items differently than yours.  It is extremely important, on
            the other hand, that your host library
            treats its government document collection the same way as it
            treats its other collections. If serials
            are bound in the Periodical Department, then government
            serials should also be bound.

            Do you have a written replacement policy for lost documents?

            Do you replace lost and/or damaged popular documents?

            How do you discard items and when?  If you dont discard, why
            not?  Make sure you never discard anything unless you first
            send a list to the regional, in this case Newark Public.
            Wait for Laura and her staff to match the items on the list
            to her collection.  Once she has
            completed the task and notified you, then send her what she
            requests and post the remaining
            items to the Needs and Offers at
   AND to DOX-NJ.

            Laura is experiencing a back log at the moment so dont
            become alarmed if you do not hear back
            from her for awhile.

            As a rule of thumb we should be discarding anything on the
            Superseded Lists.  Do not include
            these in the  discard  list.

            Address theft issues, make sure you write in your procedures
            manual that you remove all rubber bands, plastic wrap, and

            The committee will take up the discussion next time starting
            with section IV:  Human Resources.

            The next meeting of the Federal Depository Interest Group
            will be held on Friday, February 5, 1999, weather
            permitting, at the Woodbridge Public Library from 10:00 a.m.
            to noon.

            Respectfully submitted on Thursday, December 10, 1998 by
            Barbara Ruth Campbell
            The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

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