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[Sy-cg-global] New DIMACS Book Series: Published by the American Mathematical Society

Linda Casals lindac at
Mon Jan 9 15:35:15 EST 2006

       Announcing New DIMACS Volume just released: 

DIMACS Book Series: Published by the American Mathematical Society

These volumes and others in the DIMACS series may be purchased from
AMS via the web site:

Volume Sixty Nine: "Graphs and Discovery" 
Editors: Siemion Fajtlowicz, Patrick W. Fowler, Pierre Hansen, 
Melvin F. Janowitz and Fred S. Roberts, 2005


This volume presents topics addressed at the working group meeting and
workshop on Computer-generated Conjectures from Graph Theoretic and
Chemical Databases held at Rutgers University (Piscataway, NJ). The
events brought together theoreticians and practitioners working in
graph theory and chemistry to share ideas and to set an agenda for
future developments in the use of computers for generating scientific

Articles included in the volume were written by developers of some of
the most important programs used around the world today. The
disciplines represented include theoretical and applied computer
science, statistics, discrete and non-discrete mathematics, chemistry,
and information science.

The book is suitable for researchers and students interested in the
use of computers in graph theory.


Ordering Information: 

For a complete list of all DIMACS volumes available, see: 

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