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[Sy-cg-global] [Publicity-list] DIMACS Educational Module Series

Linda Casals lindac at
Wed Jun 25 15:49:49 EDT 2003


DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science) is pleased
to announce the availability of the DIMACS Educational Module Series.

The first two modules in this series are available on line at:

 The purpose of the DIMACS Educational Module Series is to make available
 to students and teachers in modular form materials in the area of
 discrete mathematics and computer science.  We are especially seeking
 materials that "grab" ones intellectual attention, show relationships
 between ideas that one might not realize are related, or are just
 plain nifty.  If the materials suggest or have already been used in
 applications outside of mathematics so much the better. We are also
 interested in novel and non-standard ways of looking at traditional
 topics. We are especially interested in materials that have not been
 exposited previously at the undergraduate or high school level. We
 are not ordinarily looking for standard treatments of standard topics
 even if these topics are not available in module form. Further
 information may be obtained from the series editor, Joseph Malkevitch,
 York College (CUNY). He can be reached at:

    joeyc at

 or from the link at:

 where you can also find general information about the modules.

 We hope that you and your students enjoy using these materials and we
 would welcome suggestions for topics you would like to see modules treat
 as well as titles for manuscripts for the series that you might like to
 submit. We also welcome feedback about your experiences in using the

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