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[Sy-cg-global] DIMACS Open Problems for Undergraduates

Sarah Donnelly sarahd at
Tue Jun 10 11:42:38 EDT 2003

Request for Open Problems for Undergraduates

Please consider contributing an open problem to the DIMACS "Open
Problems for Undergraduates" web site.  If you have an open problem,
in your own area of research, which might be an appropriate research
problem for undergraduates, please let us know.  We have had a small
selection of problems on the site for a number of years, which have
generated a small bit of interest.  We hope to spark new interest in
this site through the help of researchers interested in undergraduate

It works as follows:  You submit a brief description of the problem,
and it appears on the pages.  Your name and email address are included
with the problem, so that solutions can be sent to you.  It is not
intended that you enter into any sort of long-term or time-consuming
research project with any student; but you may if you wish.  Your
problem will be removed any time you wish. 

Please consider this, as our site seems to be widely viewed by clever
undergrads seeking good problems. 

Send submissions to:

  Rob Hochberg
  hochberg at

If you include your own graphics, it will be appreciated; although Rob
will be glad to generate them if needed.  See the pages for an example
of what we're looking for.

Thank you.

Fred Roberts
Director of DIMACS


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