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[Sy-cg-global] DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Issues in Modeling Motion

Sarah Donnelly sarahd at
Wed Sep 25 12:55:16 EDT 2002

DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Issues in Modeling Motion

November 18 - 20, 2002
DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

    Pankaj K. Agarwal, Duke University, pankaj at 
    Leonidas J. Guibas, Stanford University, guibas at 

Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on
Computational Geometry and Applications.  


Motion, like shape, is one of the fundamental modalities to be modeled
in order to represent and manipulate the physical world in a
computer. As such, motion representations and the algorithms that
operate on them are central to all computational disciplines dealing
with physical objects: computer graphics, computer vision, robotics,
etc. Modeling motion is also crucial for other disciplines dealing
with temporally varying data, including mobile networks, temporal data
bases, etc. Motion algorithms require computational resources, and
frequently sensing and communication resources as well, in order to
accomplish their task. Despite the prominent position that motion
plays in so many computer disciplines, little has been done to date to
provide a clean conceptual framework for representing motion,
describing algorithms on moving objects, and analyzing their behavior
and performance.

This workshop aims to bring together people from the different
research communities interested in algorithmic issues related to
moving objects. The workshop will address core algorithmic issues as
well as aspects of modeling and analyzing motion. The goal is to
debate and discuss the issues in representing, processing, reasoning,
analyzing, searching, and visualizing moving objects; to identify key
research issues that need to be addressed, and to help establish
relationships which can be used to strengthen and foster collaboration
across the different areas.


Call for Participation:

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for talks to be given at the
workshop. Please send the organizers an abstract (up to 2 pages) and a
draft of a paper (if you have one). (Since there are no formal
proceedings for the workshop, submission of material that is to be
submitted to (or to appear in) a refereed conference is allowed and
encouraged.) Submissions will be due October 15, 2002. Notification of
acceptance: October 31, 2002.


List of confirmed speakers:

    Nancy Amato, Texas A&M University 
    Boris Aronov, Polytechnic University 
    Mark de Berg, Utrecht University 
    Herbert Edelsbrunner, Duke University 
    Jeff Erickson, UIUC 
    Michael Gleicher, University of Wisconsin 
    Sariel Har-Peled, UIUC 
    David Kirkpatrick, UBC 
    Lydia Kavraki, Rice University 
    Patrice Koehl, Stanford University 
    Jean-Claude Latombe, Stanford University 
    Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University 
    David Mount, University of Maryland 
    S. Muthukrishnan, Rutgers University 
    Dinesh Pai, Rutgers University 
    Cecilia M. Procopiuc, AT&T Research 
    Elisha Sacks, Purdue University 
    Bettina Speckmann, ETH Zurich 
    Ileana Streinu, Smith College 
    Carlo Tomasi, Duke University 
    Ouri Wolfson, University of Chicago 
    Li Zhang, HP Labs 
    Feng Zhao, Xerox 


    Sathish Govindrajan, Duke University 
    Hai Yu, Duke University 
    Daniel Russel, Stanford University 
    An Nguyen, Stanford University 
    Jie Gao, Stanford University 


Registration Fees:

Registration: (Pre-registration date: November 11, 2002)

Regular rate
Preregister before deadline $120/day
After preregistration deadline $140/day

Reduced Rate*
Preregister before deadline $60/day
After preregistration deadline $70/day

Preregister before deadline $10/day
After preregistration deadline $15/day

DIMACS Postdocs $0

Non-Local Graduate & Undergraduate students
Preregister before deadline $5/day
After preregistration deadline $10/day

Local Graduate & Undergraduate students $0
(Rutgers & Princeton)

DIMACS partner institution employees** $0

DIMACS long-term visitors*** $0

Registration fee to be collected on site, cash, check, VISA/Mastercard

Our funding agencies require that we charge a registration fee for the
workshop. Registration fees cover participation in the workshop, all
workshop materials, breakfast, lunch, breaks, and any scheduled social
events (if applicable).

* College/University faculty and employees of non-profit organizations
will automatically receive the reduced rate. Other participants may
apply for a reduction of fees. They should email their request for the
reduced fee to the Workshop Coordinator at
workshop at Include your name, the Institution you
work for, your job title and a brief explanation of your
situation. All requests for reduced rates must be received before the
preregistration deadline. You will promptly be notified as to the
decision about it.

** Fees for employees of DIMACS partner institutions are waived.
DIMACS partner institutions are: Rutgers University, Princeton
University, AT&T Labs - Research, Bell Labs, NEC Research Institute
and Telcordia Technologies. Fees for employees of DIMACS affiliate
members Avaya Labs and Microsoft Research are also waived. Fees are
not waived for IBM Watson Research Center employees (the terms of the
IBM membership are different from the Avaya and Microsoft agreements).

***DIMACS long-term visitors who are in residence at DIMACS for two or
more weeks inclusive of dates of workshop.


Information on participation, registration, accommodations, and travel
can be found at:


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