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[Consortiumecac] minutes of Mar. 10 consortium conf. call

Fred Roberts froberts at
Sun Mar 23 12:02:24 EDT 2008

Sorry to be slow in adding my two cents -- just got back from
Argentina where the internet access was very spotty. I agree that
going somewhere other than DHS is a very good idea. We do have to
think hard about what we might want to propose and where we might go
at NSF (or another agency). Our first proposal was
pretty specific as to risk and economic issues related to homeland
security (and is already somewhat out of date). Moreover, it wasn't
for support of the consortium as a consortium. However, we had some
really good ideas there.

Yes, we want a Stevens rep. I think someone associated with the new
DHS center at Stevens is probably the right choice.


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   Interesting idea

   Paul J. Lioy, Ph.D. 
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   Subject: RE: [Consortiumecac] minutes of Mar. 10 consortium conf. call

   We should give a little thought to sending two representatives to NSF
   (Fred and Paul) and ask for support for the original proposal to NSF
   aimed at new research initiatives in areas of long-term HS needs.  They
   have a history of supporting Research and Education Consortia.  Just
   because DHS didn't fund us, doesn't mean we cannot go to their
   We also discussed adding a rep for Stevens -- perhaps Dean Bruno for the
   time being.

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   Subject: [Consortiumecac] minutes of Mar. 10 consortium conf. call

   Dear Members of the Consortium Executive and Advisory Committees

   We are appending the Minutes of the March 10 Conference Call
   meeting. We thought it was a useful meeting and so did a number of
   others who contacted us about it. Please send comments and

   Several action items came out of this:

   1. Need a volunteer to host and plan program for the next symposium.

   2. Send names for the database to Paul.

   3. Send additions/deletions for the Executive and Advisory Committees
   to Paul and Fred.

   4. Send Additions/Deletions to mailing list.

   5. Send to Paul and Fred statements documenting the benefits you have
   found from being involved with the Consortium.

   Paul and Fred
   - ------------------------------------
   Minutes of Consortium Executive/Advisory Committee Conference Call

   March 10, 2008

   Participants: Chumer, Connell, Kennedy, Laskin, Lewis, Lioy, Lutz,
   McCluskey, Powell, Roberts, Sebastian, Turoff

   1. Preparedness College

   We should aim for Consortium activities distinct from the P.C. 

   The P.C. is OHSP's. The Consortium is ours. 

   We should give the P.C. guidance as to how to focus its efforts. Lioy
   will send the OHSP people a message asking for an agenda and
   background materials in advance. 

   2. Reviving the Consortium Symposia

   People have found the symposia useful as a way to learn about others'
   research and also for networking and connecting university people to
   those in government. We should continue this. We need a volunteer to
   host and organize the next one. We also need a theme. Perhaps relating
   to themes coming out of the Preparedness College would be a good idea.

   3. Preparedness College Database Project

   This database will consist of individuals in universities (and
   elsewhere) in NJ (and later elsewhere) working on research or doing
   teaching in the general area of homeland security. This is to be of
   help to OHSP and to the Consortium -- as a means by which OHSP can
   find appropriate experts and individual faculty members can find
   appropriate partners for grants or projects.

   Turoff suggested that a "community of practice" open to everyone would
   be much better than a database that is out of date soon after it is
   finished. NJIT has appropriate software. He will circulate information
   about this. However, it was agreed that we need to give OHSP the
   database first.

   Individuals on our Committees should send Lioy suggestions for people
   to be included in the database.

   4. Adding Institutional Members to the Consortium

   We didn't discuss this per see, except to discuss institutional
   membership fees as described in the next agenda item.

   5. Adding Individual Members to the Consortium

   Turoff suggested opening membership to "anyone" through electronic
   means via a "community of practice." 

   We may need to think of renaming the consortium, e.g., to NJ Academy
   of Homeland Security, and modeling it after something like the NY
   Academy of Science. Membership could then be fee-based and a budget
   could get us a staff person and support for things like symposia. Fees
   could be institutional instead of for individuals, perhaps on the
   order of $3K to $5K. However, would universities pay in this day of
   difficult budgets? 

   6. Updating the Membership of the Consortium Executive and Advisory

   Suggestions for additions or deletions to these lists should be sent
   to Lioy and Roberts. Roberts said that we only have one Stevens
   representative and the director of the new DHS center based at Stevens
   might make for a good additional Executive Committee member. Our rules
   allow up to two representatives to the E.C. from each
   institution. There are no specific limits on membership on the
   Advisory Committee. 

   We also discussed the mailing list that had been circulated prior to
   the meeting. Suggestions for additions and subtractions are to be sent
   to Lioy and Roberts. It was suggested that we could use the new
   database being constructed to get names. The issue of whether
   Ph.D. students should be on this list was discussed and it was decided
   that we could create a different list for them.

   7. Other Consortium Activities: What Else Should we be Doing?

   Sebastian pointed out that the original idea of the Attorney General's
   office that the Consortium could collaborate on NJ-based proposals
   didn't work because funders such as DHS want geographic
   distribution. However, he and Connell said that the Consortium has
   been useful in helping establish individual relationships and
   partnerships. It was agreed that members of the Consortium Executive
   and Advisory Committees should write up brief statements of how the
   Consortium has been useful to them. Connell agreed to start.

   8. Next Meeting

   We will plan another phone meeting.

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