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Fred Roberts froberts at
Sat Jul 17 10:15:26 EDT 2010

Here is the latest update on Advanced Study Institute and Workshop,
which we have moved from Kenya to South Africa. Please keep reading
email for these updates. 

1. You should all get in touch with our travel agent Dick Kriegner
(copied) to give him your travel dates/preferences so he can rebook
tickets. If you bought your own ticket, please rebook your own
flight. We will cover extra costs up to $700 including penalties. If
the extra cost would be more, please let us know. See below about
factoring in local travel times.

2. If you had planned activities in Kenya before or after the ASI or
Workshop, we will help you with incorporating Kenya air travel into
your itinerary. However, please note that any travel to or in Kenya is
at your own risk. We have been alerted that there are reasons to stay
out of Kenya during the period July 28 to August 11 and cannot be sure
about the periods before or after that.

3. If you stand to lose a deposit or have extra personal expenses as a
result of our change, we will see if our sponsoring agency at NSF will
allow us to at least help with some of these. We cannot be sure and
apologize for any inconvenience. However, please let us know about any
such costs.

4. We will let you know once we have finalized the venue(s) for our
meetings. We will also arrange ground transportation in South Africa
for most of you. 

5. When you plan dates for your travel, please note that there is a
substantial drive between our expected workshop venue and
Johannesberg. Thus, you may not be able to count on an evening flight
on August 13 without missing some of the workshop. If you are arriving
just for the workshop, you should count on substantial travel time to
the workshop venue, at least 5 hours probably. It is possible that our
first few days at the ASI will be near Johannesberg, so driving time
may not be a major issue at the beginning of the ASI but it is
probably better to count on a travel day within South Africa.

6. We have sent invitation letters to the African students to help
them obtain visas. There should be two letters, one from me and one
from SACEMA. If there are any errors in the letters, please make sure
to let us know as soon as possible so we can correct them.

7. We are still working on the possibility of a January activity at
KWS in Kenya, with preference to those who cannot make it to South
Africa. More details will be forthcoming once we work this out.



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