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Fred Roberts froberts at
Fri Jul 16 17:09:39 EDT 2010



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   Hi Fred et al.,

   I will do some research tonight about my itinerary and get back to you I hope first thing in the morning on Saturday.  Sorry for the delay.

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   Thanks to so many of you who have already responded. They have helped
   us with our decisions. The following will require some further

   1. We will move the entire Advanced Study Institute and Workshop to
   South Africa. The venue is still to be determined, but the dates
   remain unchanged and we expect to fly people into Johannisberg and
   take them by van to a site near and/or in Kruger National Park. If you
   are unable or for some reason unwilling to participate as a result,
   please let us know as soon as possible. Send email to
   rkriegner at, spassion at,
   gfiorini at, froberts at .

   2. We also expect to hold a follow-up program at KWS Camp in Kenya
   starting January 10. We are not yet sure what that program will be. It
   might be mostly for those who are unable to go to South
   Africa. Priority would most likely be given to those for whom going to
   South Africa now would not work out. It might be that we will invite
   some people to return. We still have to work out the details and will
   keep you informed. 

   3. We realize that some of you had personal trips planned for Kenya or
   elsewhere either before or after the ASI and Workshop. We will try to
   take those into account in our rebooking for your flights.

   4. The flight rebooking will need to be done as soon as possible. The
   "default" is to change your ticket to go into and out of
   Johannisberg on the same dates as you were planning to go into and
   out of Nairobi. Please let us know if this is ok. Please email
   rkriegner at, spassion at,
   gfiorini at, froberts at and it is
   very important to make sure that Dick Kriegner, who will be doing the
   rebooking, hears from you.

   5. If you would like your ticket to be rebooked so it goes into
   Johannisberg and returns from Nairobi or vice versa, or if you would
   like to have the dates of your travel changed, you need to like us
   know as soon as possible. Please email rkriegner at,
   spassion at, gfiorini at,
   froberts at . 

   6. I don't know how much extra the itineraries that include Kenya will
   be as opposed to straight tickets to South Africa and back. We will
   need to see what the extra cost is and whether we are allowed to
   reimburse for the extra cost. We are very sorry if some of you will
   incur extra expenses as a result, but hope you understand the need for
   us to have made this change.

   Things will come together and we will keep you informed. Please do
   check your email regularly and please don't hesitate to contact me if
   you have concerns or questions.


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