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[ConsBio-ASI] FW: EIS Application Reminder!!

Washington, Michael (CDC/OSELS/EAPO) mtw4 at
Tue Aug 31 10:59:02 EDT 2010



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Modeling for Public Health Action: From Epidemiology to Operations.

Maxi-Vac 1.0 and Alternative
Free software to aid state and local public health officials plan, prepare and practice for a mass smallpox vaccination.


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From: PHS Commissioned Corps Medical Officers <COMMCORPS_MEDOFFCRS at LIST.NIH.GOV> 
Sent: Tue Aug 31 08:48:41 2010
Subject: EIS Application Reminder!! 

Epidemic Intelligence Service Application

Deadline September 15, 2010

Online application for EIS — details at 


The Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) is a 2-year, postgraduate program of service and on-the-job training for health professionals interested in the practice of epidemiology. Each year, EIS provides approximately 80 persons from around the world opportunities to gain hands-on experience in epidemiology at CDC or state or local health departments. EIS officers, often called CDC’s “disease detectives,” have gone on to leadership positions at CDC and other public health agencies. The EIS experience also is useful for health professionals who would like to gain a population based perspective on public health practice.


Persons with a strong interest in applied epidemiology who meet at least one of the following qualifications may apply to EIS: 

·         Physicians with >1 year of clinical training; 

·         Persons with a doctoral degree in epidemiology, biostatistics, the social or behavioral sciences, natural sciences, or the nutrition sciences;

·         Dentists, physician assistants, and nurses with a master of public health (MPH) or equivalent degree;

·         Veterinarians with an MPH or equivalent degree or relevant public health experience.


Deadline for submitting applications for the July 2011–June 2013 EIS program is September 15, 2010.

Application information and EIS program details are available at, by telephone (404-498-6110), or via e-mail (eisepo at 



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