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[CCICADA-announce] Fusion Fest: Marrying Methods to Solve Real-world Problems

Christine Spassione spassion at
Mon Sep 15 11:42:38 EDT 2014

Fusion Fest: Marrying Methods to Solve Real-world Problems

    October 11, 2014
    Auditorium, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

     Bing Bai, NEC Labs America, Inc., bb.bingbai at
     Carole Kantor, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials at Rutgers (ret), 
cjkkantor at
     Keith Taggart, SPEC Innovations, keith.taggart at
     Ying Sun, University of Buffalo, sun3 at

Sponsored by DIMACS and the School of Communication and Information.

Workshop Announcement:

Fusion Fest celebrates Paul Kantor's distinguished career at Rutgers and 
his 75th year. His work over the years has wandered from theoretical 
physics, through decision-making, and information retrieval, to 
collaborative searching, and issues in homeland security. It is hard to 
find a unifying theme, but there are a number of recurring motifs. One 
is "working backwards" - if it is hard to calculate a solution from the 
given data, look for reasonable possible solutions, and see if you can 
calculate from them to the given data. Another is "fusion." One sense of 
fusion in Paul's work is "combination of information," and he has 
applied that to detection of anything from intercontinental missiles to 
scientific documents; from nuclear contraband to illegal fishing. 
Another sense of fusion, which has characterized his work in 23 years at 
Rutgers, is the fusion of mathematical sciences and social sciences. 
Initially he concentrated on leading students at the School of 
Communication and Information to better understand how mathematics can 
support discovery of the unexpected, and quantify your uncertainty about 
what you have found. More recently he has become very much involved in 
using the techniques of social science (excluding Critical Analysis, 
Deconstruction, and certain other imports from the Humanities) to help 
develop mathematical models that accurately represent the goals, 
constraints, and value schemes of the people whom the model is intended 
to help.

Call for Participation:

We welcome proposals for poster presentations. Please submit a one-page 
abstract of your poster before September 26, 2014 in PDF format. Submit 
your abstract as an attachment with file name [fusion2014-LastName.pdf] 
to fusion2014 at [Subject: Abstract Submission LastName]. 
Submit a one paragraph biographical statement as a second attachment 
with the file name [bio-LastName.pdf]. The number of presentations is 
limited so please submit your ideas early.

Attendance at the workshop is open to all interested participants 
(subject to space limitations). Please register if you would like to 
attend this workshop.

Workshop web site:

  For details and to register see:


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