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[CCICADA-announce] Reminder: Announcement: Reconnect 2013 Program

Christine Spassione spassion at
Wed Mar 20 10:27:14 EDT 2013

RECONNECT Workshop 2013
Water Infrastructure, Contamination, and Risk Assessment

Where:  Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD
When:   June 2 – 8, 2013

About Reconnect:

This CCICADA Summer Reconnect Workshops expose faculty teaching 
undergraduates to the role of the mathematical and computer sciences in 
homeland security and provides an opportunity to researchers in 
government or industry to learn about recent material in the area of 
internet privacy, a component of data analytics. Topics are presented in 
a weeklong series of lectures and activities; participants are involved 
in both research activities and in writing materials useful in the 
classroom or to share with their colleagues. Participants may develop 
materials for publication in either the CCICADA Technical Reports or the 
Educational Modules Series published by the DIMACS Center at Rutgers 


Water Infrastructure, Contamination, and Risk Assessment

The water distribution system, which is a critical component of assuring 
safe drinking water, constitutes a significant management challenge from 
both an operational and public health standpoint. Reconnect 2013 focuses 
on water infrastructure systems including water hydrology, 
contamination, and decision making. Dr. Paul Houser will look at 
quantifying and predicting water cycle and environmental consequences of 
earth system variability through numerical hydrologic data simulations 
and regional land surface-atmospheric hydrologic modeling. Web-based 
data visualization tools for climate and water data will be utilized. 
Contamination of water supplies will be highlighted by Dr. Abdul-Aziz 
Yakubu, with a guest lecture by a fracking expert. Epidemiological and 
surveillance data of sporadic cases of waterborne diseases and health 
effects from accidental or intentional chemical and microbial 
contamination can be linked to problems in water distribution systems. 
The issue of water contamination due to the process of fracking to 
obtain natural gas from the ground has heightened the general public’s 
awareness of this key issue. In addition to contamination, losses of 
life and property in the United States and throughout the world 
resulting from hydrologic hazards, including floods, droughts, and 
related phenomena, are significant and increasing. In the United States, 
over three-quarters of federal disaster declarations result from 
water-related events and in many parts of the world (e.g., Bangladesh) 
floods and droughts (e.g., Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa) have 
threatened the viability of society. Dr. Midge Cozzens will conclude the 
week using game theory to manage water resource system conflicts.


Midge Cozzens, Research Faculty at DIMACS Rutgers University
Asamoah Nkwanta, Professor of Mathematics, Morgan State University


Paul Houser, Professor of Global Hydrology, George Mason University
Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Professor of Mathematics, Howard University
Midge Cozzens, Research Professor and Mathematician, Rutgers University

Registration fees, lodging, meals and travel: Academic participants: 
registration, lodging and meals will be provided through DHS funding. 
Government participants: $350. For-Profit Corporation participants: $500 
(includes all meals from Sunday dinner to Saturday lunch). Limited funds 
are expected to be available to provide partial support for travel.

Deadline for Applications is April 1, 2013 or until all slots are 
filled. Applications will be submitted online found on the Reconnect web 
page, and will be reviewed as they are received. Please email Midge 
Cozzens if you are interested.

For more information: Christine Spassione (spassion at 
or Midge Cozzens (midge6930 at or visit the Reconnect web page

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