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[CCICADA-announce] Announcement: Reconnect 2011 Program

Christine Spassione spassion at
Tue Feb 22 15:06:09 EST 2011

RECONNECT Workshop 2011

Having a Private Life in a Networked World

Where: Rutgers, the State University, Piscataway, NJ
When: June 15-22, 2011

About Reconnect:

This CCICADA Summer Reconnect Workshop exposes faculty teaching 
undergraduates to the role of the mathematical and computer sciences in 
homeland security and provides an opportunity to researchers in government 
or industry to learn about recent material in the area of internet privacy, 
a component of data analytics. Topics are presented in a weeklong series of 
lectures and activities; participants are involved in both research 
activities and in writing materials useful in the classroom or to share 
with their colleagues. Participants may develop materials for publication 
in the CCICADA Educational Modules Series.

Topic:   Privacy in a Networked World

Computer networks and the interactions they mediate are an integral part of 
our lives.  Questions about privacy become increasingly important as 
personal data is collected in social networks, e-commerce databases, 
electronic health records, and other settings.  "Privacy" means different 
things to different people in different contexts; we'll start by surveying 
formal definitions and measures of privacy, and how they correspond to (or 
fail to capture) intuitive notions of privacy.  We'll study algorithms and 
techniques for promoting privacy as well as real-world technologies that 
promote privacy.  We'll also study legal and social aspects of privacy and 
the interaction between privacy and related topics such as security and 
accountability.  The workshop will help participants understand the 
frontiers of privacy research.  The workshop will also provide ideas for 
teaching privacy-related material in a variety of classes.

Lead Organizers: Midge Cozzens, CCICADA and DIMACS at Rutgers University, 
and Aaron D. Jaggard, Rutgers University DIMACS and Colgate University

Principal Lecturer: Aaron D. Jaggard, Rutgers University DIMACS and Colgate 

Speaker: Rebecca Wright, Rutgers University DIMACS and CCICADA and Computer 

Registration fees, lodging, meals and travel: Academic participants: 
registration, lodging and meals will be provided through DHS funding. 
Government participants: $350. For-Profit Corporation participants: $500 
(includes all meals from Sunday dinner to Saturday lunch). Limited funds 
are expected to be available to waive part or the entire registration fee 
and/or provide partial support for travel.

Deadline for Applications is April 1, 2011 or until all slots are filled. 
Applications are to be submitted online at and will be 
reviewed as they are received.

For more information: Christine Spassione (spassion at or 
Midge Cozzens (midge6930 at or visit the Reconnect web page 

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