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[Con-eof] Dan late today

dannyv at dannyv at
Thu Mar 24 08:36:08 EDT 2011

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are well. I was waiting til the roads became dryer and less
slick but when I went to pull the bike out of the garage, I noticed it was
snowing. So anyway, I will be a little late, hopefully by noon or so.
Please feel free to call me at home if you have any questions. I will also
be on-line checking my mail and doing some work this morning.

Daniel R. Villanueva
Rutgers University - Newark

For those destined to do GREAT things . . . At some point you must let go
of those things that hold you back, this will be your greatest and most
difficult challenge.  For those left a few steps behind . . . Keep Up! 
For you too will benefit in the process . . .  And For those content with
life as it is . . . Stop looking for more unless you are willing to work
harder to . . . Keep Up! . . . otherwise sit back and enjoy the ride and
the show . . .
-Daniel Jesus

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