[CAS_Announcements] Decommissioning of old CAS test instance on ACST2

Scott Battaglia scott_battaglia at rutgers.edu
Mon Apr 28 11:24:30 EDT 2008


The Identity Management group has migrated its test CAS instance to its 
own server and domain.  We will therefore be decommissioning the old 
instance located on ACST2 in the near future.  We're currently targeting 
May 28, 2008 as the turn-off date.

_What do you need to do?_
If you're not currently using the test instance located on ACST2, then 
you don't need to do anything!

If you're currently using the test instance located on ACST2, we would 
ask you to now point to our new test server.

_How do I point to the new test server?_
The new test server is located at test-cas.rutgers.edu

Therefore, if your CAS login URL was: 
https://www.acst2.rutgers.edu/cas/login it should now be 
https://test-cas.rutgers.edu/login (note, there is no /cas/login, its 
just /login).

The URLs you should most likely need to know are the following:

Login: https://test-cas.rutgers.edu/login
Service Validate: https://test-cas.rutgers.edu/serviceValidate
Proxy Validate: https://test-cas.rutgers.edu/proxyValidate
Proxy: https://test-cas.rutgers.edu/proxy

If you use any of the other CAS urls, please update them, using the 
above examples as the pattern to follow.

_What about certificates?_
The new test-cas server utilizes a certificate signed by the Rutgers 
CA.  You'll need to make sure the CA certificate is installed on the 
application server. Please check your application server's manual for 
specific details.

_What happens if I don't change by the deadline?_
Well, we hope you do change.  However, if you don't, the only thing that 
will happen is that when people try and log into your test applications, 
they'll receive 404 errors after your application redirects to the CAS 
login screen.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Identity 
Management group: idm_tech at email.rutgers.edu


Scott Battaglia
Application Developer, Architecture & Engineering Team
Enterprise Systems and Services, Rutgers University
v: 732.445.0097 | f: 732.445.5493 | scott_battaglia at rutgers.edu

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