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Ascend- Upcoming Events & Updates

Ascend Rutgers ascend.rutgersnb at
Tue Jan 24 23:41:12 EST 2012

Hi everyone, Ascend wishes you a Happy Lunar Year!

Here's what's coming up for the spring semester. PLEASE NOTE that we’ve
made a few date changes. We apologize if this brings any inconvenience:

*I.  **Spring Kick-off Meeting* -*Tuesday, January 31st, 2012*-
7:00pm-8:45pm, Livingston Student Center Room 201B. Dress Code: Casual

*Description:* Come join us for Ascend’s first general interest meeting. We
will have an information session about our organization, its events and
opportunities. Then we will lighten the mood with a game of Taboo!

*II. Upcoming Events- * Join us on
Facebook<>for event
description and updates :  .

   1. *Wednesday, February 1st,2012*- *Johnson & Johnson, *8:00pm-10:00pm,
   Livingston Student Center Gathering Lounge. Dress Code: Business Casual
   2. *Friday, February 3rd, 2012*- *Goldman Sachs*-6:00pm-9:00pm
   Livingston Student Center Gathering Lounge. Dress Code: Business Casual
   3. *Friday, February 10th, 2012*- 2pm *NYSE trip *,2 Broad Street NY,
   NY, Dress Code: Business Formal


Ascend is taking a tour inside the New York Stock Exchange! We can only
bring a maximum of 25 students, and space is running out! So please sign up
if you have not done so already. The *sign up deadline is next* *Thursday,
February 2nd 2012*. If you want to attend this trip, email us at
ascend.rutgersnb at to confirm your attendance, and provide the
information listed below:

   1. Name
   2. Birthday
   3. Country (This applies to international students only)

*Please note that you must bring valid photo ID for this trip (i.e. drivers
license or passport, credit cards do not count). If you do not have valid
photo ID, you will not be permitted into the building. The dress code for
this trip is formal business attire.*


We look forward to seeing you!

 Best regards,

Ascend E-board
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