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Tue Nov 17 04:50:50 EST 2009

Dear everyone,

Are the midterms pushing you all to your limits? It's a tad late, but we
at Ascend realize this predicament and have decided to extend the deadline
to submit applications for the new E-Board positions of Events Coordinator
and VP of Marketing. The new deadline is NOVEMBER 25, 2009, AT 11:59PM.

We have also decided to open up an additional E-Board position, VP of
Marketing. Unlike the tasks of the Events Coordinator, the VP of Marketing
will focus much more on promoting Ascend.

As such, please take advantage of this time to work on a submission. As
always, attach your most recent resume along with answers to the questions
on the application form. If you have already submitted an application, DO
NOT WORRY. Applications are reviewed as soon as they arrive, and
consideration will be given to your prompt submission.

In addition, just a reminder that one week from today, Ascend will be
co-hosting an event with Beta Alpha Psi. J.H. Cohn, one of the largest
independently owned accounting and consulting firms in the New York area,
will be having an information session on Monday, November 23, at Janice
Levin Building Room 006 from 12:00PM-1:00PM. Join Ascend and mingle with
Beta Alpha Psi members in learning more about this wonderful company!

Thank you for your time and I hope you pass your exams with flying colors!

Eric Yip

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