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Tue Nov 10 23:59:21 EST 2009


Is the pressure of this round of midterms bearing heavily upon you? Don't
worry, because all of us are facing the same sort of heat.

This email is just a reminder that the current deadline for submitting
E-Board applications for the position of Events Coordinator is next
Sunday, NOVEMBER 15. The application form for the new e-board position of
Events Coordinator is attached. Please take a look at and complete the
application as per the stated instructions if you are interested;
completed applications may be sent to lidavid9 at or this
address, nassa at

For those of you who have been recently subscribed to the mailing list,
please do not be alarmed. For the most part, it was done only for this
sort of email and if you wish, I'll gladly take you off the mailing list.
Just send a message to nassa at or eryi at to
make this request.

Thanksgiving is on its way! Just two more weeks, just two more weeks!

Eric Yip

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