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Community Service Opportunity: New Brunswick Clean-up

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Mon Feb 26 12:06:54 EST 2018

Hello Everyone!

For those of you looking for a community service opportunity, Rutgers AMSA
will be cosponsoring with the Off-Campus Living and Community Partnership
Department for the annual *New Brunswick Clean Up*.

*Date: April 15th, 2018*
*Time: Meet-up at 1:30 PM*
*Location:* 39 Union Street (very close to The Yard) *actual cleaning time
will be 2-3:30 PM*
If you are interested in volunteering with RU AMSA, please fill out *THIS
FORM* <>.

The venue we are cleaning will be disclosed closer to the date. Make sure
you come dressed appropriately and wear sneakers.

If you are interested in running for a position on the AMSA Executive
Board, you must attend this event if you have not attended a community
service event already this year.

If you have any questions, please email* ruamsa.grassroots at
<ruamsa.grassroots at>*!

Keshav Patel & Sarthak Patel
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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