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Pre-Health Mixer and Peer Mentor Signup!

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Mon Sep 18 01:20:02 EDT 2017

Hey everyone!

Thank you for coming to our first event of the semester, Intro to AMSA,
last week! We hope that you were able to get a better sense of what we are
all about as an organization!

This week we will be having *"AMSA Presents: Annual Pre-Health Mixer" *
*Date: *Wednesday, September 20th
*Time: *8 PM
*Location: *Busch Campus Center International Lounge.

Come join like-minded, ambitious pre-med and pre-health students to create
meaningful connections at our first mixer of the year! Learn how to get
involved by interacting with over 16 other pre-health related clubs and
organizations. Come out to see what we all have to offer!

Click "going" on our *Facebook event

The following week, we will be having our first *Peer Mentor/Mentee Meet-up

*Upperclassmen*, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with
the underclassmen that could really use the advice. *APPLY HERE!!!*
*Underclassmen*, this is your chance to meet someone that can guide you to
have the best experience at Rutgers. *APPLY HERE!!*!

Please fill out the appropriate attached forms so we can get a better idea
of the mentors/mentees interested and start making potential matches.

Upcoming Events:
*9/20: Pre-Health Mixer*
*9/26: Peer Mentor/Mentee Intro Event*
*10/17: Dean Heinrich from NJMS *

Keshav Patel & Sarthak Patel
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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