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AMSA Executive Board Positions & Responsibilities

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Sun Mar 27 12:01:45 EDT 2016

Hey everyone,

We hope your semester is going well! As it comes to a close, we'd like to
announce that we will be holding elections for the AMSA 2016-2017 Executive
Board on *Tuesday, April 5th* in the BSC Cove.

Anyone is eligible to run given that you have attending at least 2 general
Tuesday night events in addition to at least 1 service event. Each
candidate may run for up to two positions; please be sure to specify which
position you prefer more. In order to run for AMSA e-board, you must send
us back a short 3-5 sentence paragraph detailing why you feel that you
would be fit for your selected position. If you are running for multiple
positions, you must write a paragraph for EACH position that you are
running for.

Once we screen these initial responses and determine that you meet the
requirements to run for an e-board position, we will contact you and
provide you with the details necessary for election day.

The responsibilities and available positions are as follows:

Vice President

The vice president is in charge of the committees and providing support for
the co-presidents. He/she is responsible for booking meeting spaces and
ordering food for events. This includes ensuring space is available,
completing the Event Planning Form (EPF), getting it signed, and ensuring
the meeting space is properly equipped/set up etc.  The vice president must
attend all executive board meetings and functions during which the
co-presidents can and cannot attend. The vice president is also in charge
of all program-planning for AMSA. He/she is responsible for establishing
and keeping contact with speakers; ensuring the reservations of rooms
space; propose new and innovative events, etc.


The treasurer is in charge of maintaining AMSA’s finances. It is the
treasurer who is responsible for all AMSA financial transactions including,
but not limited to: dues, budgeting, expenditures, allocations,
sponsorships, contracts, paying invoices, and reimbursements, for all
weekly events and the annual pre-health conference.


The secretary is in charge of maintaining communication and outlining
action items for the executive board members. The secretary presides over
the administrative functions of AMSA and has duties such as taking minutes
of every meeting and maintaining communication with the executive board and
general membership by sending meeting and event reminders to the executive
board and sending updates through the AMSA membership listserv.

Public Relations (PR) Chairs

The PR chairs are in charge of promoting AMSA and its events. The PR chairs
are responsible for the design and distribution of flyers and other print
publication, communication with the campus community, and promotion of
events. They are in charge of approving and printing flyers, updating the
AMSA facebook group, creating facebook events, and promoting our events
through facebook messages.  They are also responsible for promoting events
to Rutgers listservs such as the HPO, Honors, Campus involvement and etc.

Historian and Webmaster
The historian/webmaster is in charge in chronicling and recording the
association’s history. The scope of responsibilities for the historian
includes taking pictures, maintaining a website to store them, and
maintaining and updating the AMSA website.

Rutgers AMSA

Executive Board
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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