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Bioethics Symposium

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Mon Mar 7 07:01:12 EST 2016

Hey Everyone!

The Rutgers Bioethics Society is proud to host its 5th Annual Bioethics
Symposium TONIGHT at 6:30 pm in the Cook Studet Center! This year's theme
focuses on the evolution of genetic counseling and the possibility of
revolutionizing the future of health and medicine with CRISPR technology
and germ-line editing techniques.

The symposium will feature three keynote speakers, a mini-involvement fair
featuring co-sponsors, a delicious dinner, and the launch of our annual
Bioethics Journal which will be given out to all the attendees!

Jessica Joines, a certified genetic counselor and Director of the new
Master’s in Genetic Counseling Program at Rutgers University. Ms. Joines
will be discussing the past, present, and future of genetic testing and how
new research can change the way we approach parents and individuals
suffering from or carrying inhertiable genetic disorders with seemingly
limited options.

Dr. Karen Schindler, a professor and reproductive geneticist at Rutgers
University conducting research on the mechanisms during female meiosis that
lead to aneuploidy. Dr. Schindler will present the science behind the
revolutionary CRISPR technology, as well as CRISPR's implicated use in
human germ-line editing.

Dr. T. Patrick Hill, a clinical ethics consultant to the Neonatology
Division at the Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center and an ethics
consultant to other notable research organizations and university hospital
divisions. Dr. Hill will finish our symposium with a discussion on the
ethics and current controversial implications of germ-line editing that
have come about with the rise of CRISPR.

We hope to see you all there!

Tulsi and Krupa

Executive Board
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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