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Event Tomorrow at 7:45PM and RWJ Peer Mentor Program Application!

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Mon Sep 29 21:20:04 EDT 2014

Hello AMSA Members!

The MCAT may be changing, but that doesn't mean it has to catch you off
guard! Join us *tomorrow,** September 30th in the BCC Cove at 7:45 PM* and
let Kaplan experts help you understand how these changes affect you!
They'll break down the new, 2015 MCAT and give you and overview of how to
write personal statements. It's definitely not something you'll want to
miss! Be sure to invite your friends, and, as usual, there will be food and

Also, if you are sophomore, junior, or senior looking for a RWJ medical
student mentor, make sure to fill out the application below! This program
will run for the course of the year (2014-2015), and requirements include
attendance at orientation, 5 informal meetings, 3 social outings, and the
End-Of-Year Dinner. Informal meetings will just be a way for you to bond
with your mentor and chat about any concerns you might have. The social
outings will involve attendance of you and your mentor at some med school
event (panels, MEDtalks, anatomy lab, Anatomy Lab Memorial, community
service events, blood pressure screenings, etc). We are looking to take 20
Rutgers AMSA members to be mentees, each of whom will be matched with a
medical student mentor based on similar experiences/interests. We have
attached a link to the application to this email, the deadline for which
will be *tomorrow, **September 30th at 11:59pm.*


Executive Board
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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