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Steering Committee Applications due TODAY!

Rutgers AMSA rutgers.amsa at
Fri May 2 14:35:04 EDT 2014


This is reminder that Steering Committee applications are due *today, May
2nd at 10PM! * If you are interested in the opportunity to join us in
planning the largest Pre-Health conference on the East Coast, please send
us your* resume, classes (or potential classes) for Fall 2014, your general
availability this summer, and a paragraph telling us what 3 positions you
are interested in and why. *The positions are listed below.


*Co-Hospitality Chairs* (2) – The Hospitality Chairs will work in the scope
of social activity planning for the conference. This will include things
like conference related games, raffles, other activities, and crowd
interest generation. These people will also ensure that all guest and
keynote speakers are comfortable and well taken care of during the course
of the day. They will remain in contact with a number of the speakers
throughout the planning process and ensure there is a timely arrival and
transportation to the venue.

*Registration Chair (1)  *– The Registration Chair is responsible for all
conference attendee booking processes. This will include the use of an
online system for registration, payment collection (working with the
Finance Chair on this), and maintenance of an online website that informs
about our conference. This requires lots of internet skill and
web-development talent. There is also a lot of excel used to figure out
members who have registered and paid, as opposed to members who have
registered and not paid. An efficient system of checking people in on the
day of the conference will have to be devised with the aid of Co-Directors
and other committee members.

*D**é**cor Chairs (1) *– The Décor Chair will be responsible for the
organization and trimming of the conference venue. This will be something
that will be planned well in advance on paper and then implemented on the
morning of the conference. This may seem like an easy task but it requires
that “internal design” mindset with color selection/matching skill. They
will also be an important part of figuring out a conference theme as well
as assisting in the layout of the difference conference rooms tailoring to
the specific needs of each speaker and/or breakout session.

*Medical School Fair Chair (2) *– The Medical School Fair Chair will be
responsible for organizing, contacting, and communicating with Medical
School Admissions Committees well in advance to attract them to come to our
event. This will be just like last year’s conference where 18-25schools
will be given a table at our conference at which they can promote their
program. This is an amazing experience that will put you in touch with
medical school deans and admissions officers. However, at the same time, it
is the tough since it requires a large load of time, planning, and

*Programming Chair (2) *– The Programming Chair will be responsible for the
creation of a schedule of the conference and will work very closely with
the Co-Directors. This will require lots of logistical planning and
time-skill. They are also the primary source of contact to the speakers,
students, etc that are running the breakout sessions. The Programming Chair
will also be responsible for the creation of the event program booklet.
This role is ideal for the person who is very organized and good with

*External Public Relations Chair (2) *– The External Public Relations
Chairs will be responsible for working closely with the Graphics Chair and
helping to disseminate (digitally and physically) all conference
promotional materials to colleges in the tri-state area and beyond to
increase outside attendance to the RU AMSA Pre-Medical Conference. The
External Public Relations Chair will also work with National AMSA on
promoting this conference through them.

*Internal Public Relations Chair (1) *The Internal Public Relations Chairs
will be responsible for working closely with the Graphics Chair and helping
to disseminate (digitally and physically) all conference promotional
materials to all Rutgers students, faculty, staff, organizations, etc.
Internal Public Relations Chair will also be RU AMSA Steering Committee’s
liaison to promote through other organizations, list servs, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Executive Board
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
rutgers.amsa at
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