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Tue Nov 18 23:11:13 EST 2008

Hey Everyone, it's Rob from AMSA.  Last night we had our event with Dean
Terregino from Robert Wood Johnson Medical Schoold (RWJMS) regarding what
it takes to be a very good medical school applicant.

Some of the highlights included two categories:

1.) Facts

RWJMS will be accepting 20% more applicants, so there are more seats and a
better chance to get into her school with a focus on the applicant as a
whole, rather than just looking at grades and MCAT scores.

2.) Her opinions

-To be a good applicant for medical school, they take a look at 3 major
things: grades/mcats, improvement over the years, and broad interests
(taking courses in the humanities or majoring in something other than a

-personal traits: having a good personality, honestly, integrity,
interpersonal skills, compassion, etc...

-ideas on what not to do/say during an interview which could be, but not
limited to: too rehearsed responses to the interviewer's questions,
interrupting the interviewer, don't refer the interviewer to your
application, etc...

-look the part, be respectful as soon as you walk in the building and to
every person you come into contact with, common sense, etc...

-last but not least, having clincal experience (working in a hospital,
dr's office, nursing home, volunteering in a hospital, etc...), knowing
about diversity and being able to work out any given sitation that you are
presented with, especially in front of the interviewer.

This was an excellent event and I hope those who attended had a wonderful
experience on what the application process will be like for everyone.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know!  Have fun with
your exams and enjoy next week!

Rob Fox
Secretary, American Medical Student Association
Secretary, Rutgers University Community Cares

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