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[16days_discussion] Global survey on sexuality and the internet

Jac sm Kee jac at
Thu Aug 3 01:19:29 EDT 2017

[Apologies for cross-posting. Please disseminate widely]

Hello friends,

APC (Association for Progressive Communications) jst launched a global
survey on sexuality and the internet. This aims to gather experiences
and thoughts by sexual rights advocates & activists from different parts
of the world, on how the internet intersects with their work - whether
to strengthen, complicate or present new forms of risks and challenges.

Previous surveys have informed advocacy work, including the inclusion of
SOGI in the UN Special Rapp on FOE's report on encryption and anonymity
(, and UN’s first resolution on women human
rights defenders in November 2013 (, with a
paragraph on online violence against sexual rights activists. It has
also informed engagement with corporations such as Facebook and Google
on greater inclusion and accountability on sexual rights issues on their
platforms, as well as digital security capacity building strategies.

Your input will help strengthen the findings, and ensure that
perspectives from different areas of sexual, gender and sexuality rights
work, as well as diverse regions are included.

The survey is in English and Spanish, and takes 25 minutes to fill.
Deadline is **17 August 2017**.

EROTICS Survey (EN):
EROTICS Survey (ES):

We would also greatly appreciate it if you can distribute this to your
relevant networks.

Much thanks and in solidarity,

More info:

Previous survey findings:

APC is a networked organisation based primarily in the global South,
working on the intersection between the internet and social justice,
with a strong feminist politics. It coordinates the EROTICS network, a
global network of activists working on sexuality and the internet.



Jac sm Kee
Manager, Women's Rights Programme
Association for Progressive Communications | |
Jitsi: jacsmk | Skype: jacsmk | Twitter: @jhybe

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