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[16days_discussion] Fw: [Dignity Television] Group Reaches Out to School-Going Cameroonian Sexually-Active Teenagers with Life Skills

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| Teenage Girls and CAGEAD Team |

 A young and upscale Cameroonian Community-based organizationknown as Center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action for Development,CAGEAD, has engaged sexually-active teenage Cameroonians of school-going age inlife skills training with the objective of reducing the rampant spread of thedeadly pandemic, HIV/AIDS, including the spread of STIs, and in the process,reducing teenage pregnancies.

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| Participants and team pose for picture |

The life skills education training which is being piloted insome selected schools and colleges in the Bamenda III Sub Divisional localgovernment area was launched as part of the Center for Advocacy in GenderEquality and Action for Development’s core activities of improving on thesexual and reproductive health knowledge of teenagers in Cameroon. To achievesuch a laudable objective, and in a more sustainable manner, CAGEAD opted forlife skills training as the most efficient and effective strategy to stem thetides of such rampant societal ills that have continued to stand on the way ofteenage girls realizing their full potentials. 

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| Ready to go out and multiply information |

 Working specifically in three pilot colleges, viz,Government High School, GHS Atiela-Nkwen, St.Michael’s Comprehensive HighSchool, Nkwen and Government Bilingual Secondary School, GBHS NKwen urban,CAGEAD’s life skills training program had as main goal the enhancement of young people's ability to takeresponsibility for making healthier choices, resisting negative pressures, andavoiding risk behaviors. 

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| Workshop on Lifeskills |

 Accordingto the Coordinator of CAGEAD, Andiensa Clotilda Waa, the life skills strategywas not only appropriate but urgent in this community because ‘Theprevalence of unwanted pregnancies among school girls is on the rise in schoolsin Cameroon and 5.7% of school girls get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Thesituation is compounded by the fact that contraceptive usage among adolescentis 12.2% and even then adolescents are still ignorant of sexual andreproductive health topics’. 
The program in the pilot area draws inspiration from thefact that ‘Male teachers also use marks as baits for female students and coercegirls into sexual activities’. Judging that life skills training could do thetrick, Andiensa Coltilda and Co thought it wise to ‘equip young women withmodern methods of preventing unintended pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDSand other related diseases’. The six months program that has brought on board90 girls and counting… is availing them with safe sex practices, negotiationskills and the use of contraceptives. 

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| Work-group sharpens knowledge-base |

Beyond transmitting sexual and reproductive healthknowledge, the program  ‘raises awarenesson the negative effects of sexual exploitation, multiple partners, cross generationalsex, child marriage, obnoxious customs and traditional beliefs that contributeto preventing young girls from unleashing their full potentials’, the projectprofile states  

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| Plenary Session on lifeskills |

By opting for lives skills training, which is a goodpractice that has proven its worth in other countries, CAGEAD hopes to build onsuch experiences to stem the spread of the killer disease in Cameroon, so as tospare the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow, from being cut down in theirprime. Life skills training as a strategy offers a window of opportunity toBamenda III youths as it enables them acquire decision-making. The life skillsstrategy put emphasis on information, attitudes,and skills based on their relevance for promoting healthy behaviors and forpreventing risk behaviors. Health promoting behaviors include acquiringaccurate information, clarifying personal values, developing peer support forsafer behaviors, and using condoms correctly and consistently.  

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| Urging a better understanding of RH system  |

It is CAGEAD’s hope that at the endof the six months’ project that is being executed thanks to financial supportfrom The Pollination Project, sexually-active teenagers in the Bamenda IIIDistrict would have acquired enough knowledge capable of promoting healthybehavior so young adults can successfully achieve their life goals, skillsnecessary to develop and sustain healthy, happy lives and more importantly,have a sense of purpose through authentic opportunities to contribute inmeaningful ways to their communities. 

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| Visible excitement after mindscape change |

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| CAGEAD Coordinator demonstrate importance of training |

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| Facilitator makes point as Coordinator looks on |

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| Praying for Success of project |

 Gwain Colbert, StaffWriter, Dignity Television

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