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[16days_discussion] Award

Waheed A Ch. Advocate waheed2000 at
Sun Oct 11 08:42:05 EDT 2015

Dear Colleague,
The Interfaith Harmony committee of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Strictly condemns Suicide Bomb blast, At least 100 people have been killed and more than 186 wounded in a terrorist attack on a peace rally in the centre of the Turkish capital. "Interfaith Harmony committee of Lahore High Court Bar Association  extended heartfelt sympathies to the government and people of Turkey and the members of the bereaved families. “We strongly condemn such acts of terrorism in all forms and manifestations. Interfaith Harmony committee of Lahore High Court Bar Association stand with the people of Turkey in this moment of sorrow and offer our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those injured and killed."   In sympathy and solidarity, 

Waheed Ahmad Advocate High CourtSecretary Interfaith Harmony committee of Lahore High Court Bar Association.(2013-16)Chairman Child Rights Committee Lahore Bar Association  (2015-16)Coordinator Juveniles and Minority Wing Punjab Bar Council (2012-14)Legal Aid Commissioner International Criminal Court (ICC) (2010-13)Address: 2/136-A, Aman Park Baghbanpura Lahore  , Pakistan Cell# 0092-333-4639652 waheed2000 at Skype: waheedch1      From: Aminah Carroll <aminahyaquin at>
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 Subject: RE: [16days_discussion] Re: Award
#yiv7616347304 .yiv7616347304hmmessage P{margin:0px;padding:0px;}#yiv7616347304 body.yiv7616347304hmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;}Dear Mr. Seloyi and brother Waheed:
Thank you for sharing your call to attention for the sacrifices that our brothers and sisters are making globally for progress, and your personal courage and strenght.
I am very grateful you shared this with us, and i hope those among us who pray, will like me keep you in prayer.
I salute you, and i pray the New year  campaign brings beneficial results in every country, including our own USA, which has been blessed in our last election cycle with a new President who is both traditonal in his perspectives on helping to achieve the realization of peace, proosperity and a good life for all, and progressive in solving resistant social problems.

Peace and Blessings, 

Join me |

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 04:02:29 -0700
From: adamseloyi at
Subject: Re: [16days_discussion] Re: Award
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I read your mail with great interest and sentiment,I realy want to commend on the effort so far.As we often hear about Pakistan and the challenges of equaility for all humans,I believe you are making progress in achieving equality for all.

I wish you all the best in your endevours.

Your in solidarity in the fight against Inequality for all.

Adams Peter Eloyi (DKF) # 4 Jaba close, Off Dunukofia Street, Area 11 Garki Abuja Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nigeria Tel 234-803-588-5592 E-Mail adamseloyi at Coordinating Committee member GCAP/MDGs Nigeria 

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From: Waheed A Ch. Advocate <waheed2000 at>
Subject: [16days_discussion] Re: Award
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Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009, 7:58 PM

| Report about the PLF National Seminar on International Women Day 8th March,2009   8 March, Day of Resistance against all Discriminations   On the eve of Women International  Day A National Seminar was arranged by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan at 2.00 O Clock.   A large number of Women and men from different Industrial Sectors were participated in this Seminar as well as Trade Unions Leaders were attended this National Seminar from all over the Country and announanced their united struggle against all kind of exploitation against women and demanded for better wages, Social Security   The seminar was presided by Mrs Saleem Chairperson PLF and president Pakistan Transport Workers Federation. Founder Secretary General PLF/WAWO Arian Haji Muhammad Saeed was the Chief Guest.   While addressing the Seminar Ms Rizwana Yasmin Advocate and Senior Vice President PLF, Secretary General Women Employees welfare Association (WEWA) and Director PLF Workers Education Center welcomed the participants and said that “ The United Nations' theme for International Women's Day "Women and men united to end violence against women and girls.” is very important and today in all over the world we are celebrating the Women’s Day but Unfortunately, women in our country still are facing deep violence in daily life they do not have many Rights to access get their own choice of living they do not have access to land or lack secure property Rights to the land. She said that this dearth makes women even more vulnerable to poverty.   Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor PLF said that there is considerable evidence that Legislations have negatively impacted Pakistani women's lives and made them more vulnerable to extreme violence. He Said that the report of the Inquiry of the Commission for Women  clearly stated that the Hudood Legislation must be repealed as it discriminates against women and is in conflict with their Fundamental Rights.  He said that the Domestic violence occurs in forms of beatings, sexual violence or torture, mutilation, acid attacks and burning the victim alive.   Arian Haji Muhammad Saeed secretary General said that International Women's Day may be a day of Global celebration but there is no room for complacency as women continue to face inequity on many fronts. due to uneven socioeconomic Development and the impact of tribal, Feudal, and capitalist social formations on women's lives in Pakistan. He said that we have to prove the practcally solidatry with working women,s and gave them full reprentation in the main stream of PLF He said that Although women play an active role in Pakistan's economy, their contribution has been grossly underreported in some censuses and surveys. The  Labour Force Survey revealed that only about 26% of women aged 10 years and over were in the labour force. He said that Women's Empowerment for Social Justice and Social Justice for Women's Empowerment. For this, need to strengthening women rights we should struggle together. He said that Women are the suppressed and marginalized section of Pakistani society. But minority women are perhaps the most suppressed and worst victims of multiple discrimination in our society.    To consolidate the issues of minorities’ women and project their demands, PLF Women Wing has taken up the cause of these women, developing the charter of demands of these women. In the light of this charter of demands, these women have come together under one platform to strive towards achieving their specific rights. With their commitment and courage, a movement named as “Women Rights Movement" was emerged.    Mrs Saleem Said that  The World Bank's reports  stated that women constituted only 28% of the country's Labor Force. Only twenty percent of Pakistani women participate in the formal sector of employment. However, the agricultural census stated that the women's participation rate in agriculture was 80%.  She said that  The  Pakistan Integrated Household Survey indicated that the female labour force participation rate was 45% in Rural Areas and 17% the urban areas.She said that  Pakistani women play a major role in agricultural production, livestock raising and cottage industries but they have no right to form their Trade Union and deprived from their Basic and Fundamental Rights.   Ms Shimila Sadiq Chairperson Women wing PTWF,Mrs Saima Gul Khan Secretray Women Wing PLF Punjab,Mrs Zeanat Bhatto President Women Larkana,Mrs Shahnaz Suhail,Vice president PLF Punjab,Mrs Zahada President Women PLF Bhawalpur,Sh Muhammad Iqbal President PLF Punjab,Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretray General PLF,Muhammad Yousaf Malik Chief Organizer,Molvi Muhammad Aslam Chairman PLF,Habib Ullha Khattak President PLF Sindh,Mr Gul Muhammad President PLF Baluchistan,Abdul Rehman Afradi Preident PLF NWFP,Mr Nazakat Hussain,Mr Asif Raza,Safdar Tanveer,Eshan Elahi,Mr Shaukat Ali also addressed the seminar and demanded to propvide the Equal Employment opportunity to womens in all public and private departments.They said that we should work together to end the violence against women and demanded the Government to implement ILO Conventions on the Rights of Women and home based workers.All speakers said that they will continue their struggle to strengthen the movement of working women to end the economic and Social exploition . .      (Arian Haji Muhannad Saeed) Founder/ Secretray General

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From: Waheed A Ch. Advocate <waheed2000 at>
Subject: Award
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Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 7:47 PM

#yiv7616347304 .yiv7616347304ExternalClass #yiv7616347304EC_yiv1253983304 #yiv7616347304EC_yiv1948209243 DIV{}
| Dear Colleagues, I am sending you herewith the Copy of certificate which I received from Punjab Bar Council for your kind information. With regards Waheed AhmadHuman Rights ActivistLahore , Pakistan The reason for this Certification. I would like to bring into your notice that after the proclamation of Emergency cum Marshal Law in the country on 03-11-2007, the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 has been abrogated and some fundamental rights have been suspended, the aftereffects of emergency can be envisaged through the lawyers campaign for restoring democracy, independence of judiciary, reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, uphold the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 where the campaign was suppressed by the law enforcing agencies by making an assault on lawyers community in Lahore High Court Premises where hundreds of lawyers were brutally tortured and arrested, it is also pertinent to mention here that police lodged FIRs against these lawyers for unlawful assembly, flaming speeches against military including other sections of anti terrorism acts. The apprehensions of lawyers are hitherto either walking on road wearing uniform or in court premises. I would also like to add here that now lawyers hesitate to sit in offices because there are many reported cases where lawyers were arrested from their offices so the lawyer community and political parties’ leaders, activists and workers are under threat of being apprehended without bail able warrants. I have been apprehended along with my professional colleagues (Lawyers) in the High Court premises during an open house session being addressed by the Lahore High Court Bar Association officer bearers and other senior lawyers in Karachi Hall. The Lawyers were badly beaten by sticks and gun butts due such violence many lawyers got seriously injured and were hospitalized whereas most of them were transported to jails with being given any medical aid. My coat was also stained with their bloods to whom I have been providing first aid and accompanying them to High Court Dispensary. I had many opportunities to escape from the place of occurrence but I was over whelmed by the lawyers campaign spirit whose manifesto is to restoring democracy, reinstatement of judges who refused to take oath under PCO and independence of judiciary injected in me.  After being arrested on 5-11-2007 the police lodged a false and frivolous FIR No 709/07 Under Section 16 MPO, 7 ATA, 290, 291, 186, 188, 147, 148, 427, 440, 353, 324 PPC our FIR contains huge numbers of offences without any reason and knowledge, we were stuffed into police van like criminals or moreover as prisoner of war and were transported to Police Station Sarwar Road Lahore Cantt. We were detained in barracks for more than 24 hours but had not been produced before judicial magistrate. We were shifted to the major prisoner cell of Kot Lakh Path jail on 6-11-2007 in the same manner. It would be pertinent mention here that law enforcing agencies did not allow any of our relative to meet us or also denied the right of legal representation through legal council in court. On 7-11-2007 we were transported to Multan New central Jail and had remained behind bars for five days without being produced before any court in Multan . I belong to middle class family and a sole bread winner for entire family. We have a combined family system living with my grandmother, parents, paternal ant, wife, son and sister. They were very worried about me and it was difficult for them to trace me and after many struggle they came to know that I have been taken to Multan  Waheed Ahmad |



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