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[16days_discussion] Petition: CEDAW General Recommendation on Indigenous Women

Women's Human Rights Education Institute info at
Mon Jul 20 11:24:39 EDT 2015

Please post the following to the 16 Days list, thanks so much!

The Women’s Human Rights Education Institute is very pleased to play a
supportive role to the “Alianza de Mujeres Indígenas para la CEDAW” (the
Indigenous Women’s Alliance for CEDAW) in their global campaign to call on
the CEDAW Committee to adopt a new *General Recommendation on Indigenous
Women* that will help to:

·         further visibilize the intersectional discrimination experienced
by indigenous women around the world

·         broaden and expand the understanding of women’s human rights at
the international level

·         support more effective mechanisms for holding states accountable
for ongoing colonial and racist violence against indigenous women.

*How Can You Get Involved?*

1.  Please sign and share our *global petition* on Avaaz in support of the
General Recommendation:

In English:

 OR in Spanish:

*2. Read the draft recommendations* created by the Indigenous Women’s
Alliance for CEDAW to be submitted to the CEDAW Committee  (found here:

3. Write a letter of support to be submitted to the CEDAW Committee, signed
by your organization or coalition of organizations

4. Send your comments and feedback to the Alliance for incorporation into
the document

5. Share this initiative with your networks

Letters of support, questions and/or feedback on the draft General
Recommendation and its presentation to the CEDAW Committee can be sent to:

·         In English: *info at <info at> *

·         In Spanish: *mujeresindigenas.cedaw at
<mujeresindigenas.cedaw at>*

angela lytle
executive director
women's human rights education institute
info at
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