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[16days_discussion] 16 Days Campaign 2014 Analytical Summary

16 Days Campaign 16days at
Mon Jul 20 10:45:59 EDT 2015

Dear 16 Days Campaign colleagues,

With great  pleasure, we share with you the 16 Days Campaign 2014 
Analytical Summary! While not an absolute recounting of global events 
surrounding the 16 Days Campaign, the summary is an analysis of 
participation in 2014 and reflects the information shared by you through 
email, the online Campaign Calendar, Take Action Kit requests, the 
Post-Campaign Survey, as well as current events related to the Campaign 
via Google Alerts, and other correspondence.

We thank those who have shared their actions with us through these 
various mediums, and encourage everyone to take advantage of the online 
Campaign Calendar as a way to have your 16 Days events counted. The 
calendar will be available online at our website 
( starting in October.

Please, share this summary with your colleagues! 


Best Wishes,
Zarin Hamid
Coordinator, Gender-Based Violence Program
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*16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign*

*Center for Women's Global Leadership
*@*16DaysCampaign *|*#16Days*

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey | 160 Ryders Lane | New 
Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555

Tel: 1-848-932-8782 | Fax: 1-732-932-1180 |

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